Sunday, June 19

Preview: Dioramag Vol.12 - Race to the Reichstag from Pla Editions...

New issues of Dioramag are always a pleasure to see - and volume twelve has just been released to the public. We have the large images & contents of this volume to show you just what's inside in our preview...
Preview: Dioramag Vol.12 - Race to the Reichstag from Pla Editions...

Dioramag Vol.12 - "Race to the Reichstag"
96 pages
Soft Bound
English language
Price: 15€
ISBN: 978-84-124788-2-2
Dioramag is well known to discerning modellers. It is a unique magazine focused on dioramas and famous scenes from new and well known modellers from all around the world. Inside the pages, you will find the best articles of the best modellers and writers in the world. Step-by-step articles, painting techniques, building techniques, showcases, news, reviews and much more.

We have a round-up of the contents of issue #12 and some of the images of the models and the pages from this issue...

Pla Editions Dioramag Vol.12 - Race to the Reichstag contents:

4.- “Race to the Reichstag"  - this diorama by Johan Søltoft features a bunch of Soviet soldiers and their JS-2 in the last push, and the rush to be first to capture the capital building of the Nazi regime. A fitting cover girl for this issue.
14.- The news section always gives us several pages of new kits, diorama accessories and tools to get the best from our scenes - or to fill up our stash desks for that future project.

20.-  in his diorama called "MIG-25 Laid to Rest”,  Marco Marcato presents ICM;'s otherwise pretty basic kit into a scene of urban airfield dilapidation that once hosted these machines when they were at the pinnacle of aviation.
30.- In "Cobra King First in Bastogne", Riccardo Casati takes us back to the scenes of the breakthrough to the encircled paratroopers of the 1st Airborne during the failed Ardennes offensive by the Germans. The recreation of the tank, figures and landscape do bring the feel of winter to the reader.
38 - The talented Javier Soler next brings us "Back to the Eastern Front" - He uses lighting and shading, a neat camouflage and a nice base and figures to capture an autumn scene on the edge of the western front during late WWII.
50.- In the regular Showcase Dioramg section the works of the very talented modeller and figure painter Roman Lappat are highlighted through many of his works like this one below...
58.- In his diorama "Turn Around and Don’t Look Back" Lechu Villanueva keeps with the race to the end the war in a scene of destruction after a fight on the corner of a nameless street in the eastern front. The dragon kit is upgraded with Voyage accessories and several figures, a building and groundwork in his step-by-step article.
70.- The race to the mainland of Italy is seen here in "Sicily 1943 " by Giovanni Lombardo. The packed vehicles rushing through he streets to cross the island is captured in this scene of destruction and traffic jam by Giovanni 
80.- In another scene of urban and military decline, Vincenzo Lanna brings us his diorama "The Factory Post-Apocalyptic" in which a workshop in Berlin is seen seemigly abandoned and derelict some time after the cold war.
92.- In the third part of "Season" Aron Vrbovszki gives us the next part of his four part look at the decline of an armoured vehicle in a setting. This is a great series that shows just what changes through human and natural interaction with machines of war and the spaces they inhabit.
This latest issue looks great to us, it is ready to order from the Pla Editions website...