Saturday, June 4

Preview: Italeri's four new kits for June, in art, sprues & colours

A Mustang, a Marder, a Mercedes & a Raptor are all part of Italeri's June releases. We have the box art, colours, marking choices & sprues of each of these kits in our preview for your perusal...

Preview: Italeri's four new kits for June, in art, sprues & colours

P-51A Mustang
Kit No #1423
1/72nd scale
Model Dim. 14,0 cm
The North American P-51 Mustang is considered one of the most iconic aircraft in the history of the U.S.A.F. and is widely credited as perhaps the best single-seat piston engine fighter of World War II. Among the earlier production versions, the P-51A was limited in its operational deployment to just 1942. Its new Allison V-1710 engine was very powerful and capable of attaining a  maximum speed of  650 km / h. 

The colour choices included in this kit
The decal sheet is included.
It was armed with four wing-fitted 12.7 mm Browning machine guns which provided considerable firepower. The aircraft’s operational capabilities would be further enhanced by the fitting of two additional under-wing fuel tanks. It was deployed and designated in the U.S. Air Force and by the British Royal Air Force as the Mustang Mk. II. It achieved very early operational effectiveness in various roles, including air defence, bomber escort duties and tactical support missions.

The Sprues of the kit
Transparent parts are, of course, included

F-22 A Raptor
Kit No #2822
1/48th scale
Model Dim. 39,4 cm
- Super decals sheet for 3 versions 
- Color instruction sheet
- Figure not included
The Lockheed Martin-Boeing F-22 is a 5th generation USAF stealth fighter aircraft. Extremely innovative in concept and design, the “Raptor” is equipped with two Pratt & Whitney F119 turbofan engines, with afterburners capable of generating vector thrust via its exhaust nozzles. The "stealth" capability is provided through the aerodynamic profile and the use of "hi-tech" materials capable of minimizing radar detectability. 

The 3 colour choices included in this kit
The decal sheet is included.
Evasion capability is further aided by detailed design engineering of the air intakes and exhausts to reduce heat generation from exhaust gases and also noise emission reduction. The air-to-air and air-to-surface armament systems are installed in loading bays within the fuselage to further minimize radar detection. The aircraft avionics are extremely advanced and able to detect, track and acquire targets even at long range.

The Sprues of the kit
The gold-tinted transparencies are included for the canopy

Marder III Ausf. H Sd. Kfz.138
Kit No #6566
1/35th scale
Model Dim. 13,3 cm
Link-and-length tracks 
- Decals for 4 versions 
- Coloured instruction sheet
- The kit contains 2 figures
The German tank destroyer Sd.Kfz. 138 Marder III was developed for use by the German army based upon the chassis of the obsolete, but available, Czechoslovakian production light tank Panzer 38 (t). The modification involved the adoption, in an open structure protected by an inclined plate shield, of the effective PaK 40 75 mm anti-tank gun. 

The 4 colour choices included in this kit
The decal sheet is included.
The Marder III Ausf. H had the engine fitted in the rear of the vehicle and the weapon system in a central position, in order to ensure greater protection for the crew. In this configuration, the Wehrmacht had a tank destroyer that was easy to produce and firepower that could counteract the main battle tanks of the period. It entered production in 1942 to meet the challenge of the eastern front operational theatre but was ultimately deployed on all fronts until the end of the war.

The Sprues of the kit

Mercedes Benz SK 1844 LS V8
Kit No #3956
1/24th scale
Model Dim. 24,5 cm
Super decals sheet for 3 versions 
Full-colour instruction sheet
The Mercedes-Benz SK (Schwere Klasse) truck series which denotes the heavy vehicles in the range, was produced in the late 1980s by the famous German automotive manufacturer. The SK series directly evolved from the earlier Mercedes NG line and incorporated cabin improvements that made it more suitable for long journeys. 

The colour choices included in this kit
The decal sheet is included.
On-board comfort was also enhanced through newer technical and electronic solutions. Additionally, the vehicle design in comparison to the previous series was significantly improved to match industry automotive aesthetic standards of the period. The car was notable for its reliability, sturdiness and operational flexibility in a wide range of environments. Its longevity on the market was reflected by its enduring commercial success. The SK series was replaced in the late 90s by the early versions of the new Mercedes Actros.

The Sprues of the kit
Clear parts
Vinyl Tyres