Friday, June 10

Preview: Schwerer Kleiner Panzerkampfwagen in 35th scale on the way from Das Werk

The evolutional dead end of the "Schwerer Kleiner Panzerkampfwagen" is coming to the modelling world in 35th scale in July from the intrepid collaboration of Amusing Hobby & Das Werk. If you like Paper Panzers, or just something different, this could be an interesting prospect for you. See the info we have in our preview...

Preview: Schwerer Kleiner Panzerkampfwagen in 35th scale from Das Werk

Schwerer Kleiner Panzerkampfwagen
German Heavy Tank Project 1944 (2 in 1)
1/35th scale
Photo-etch parts included
History & Decal Options
This tank destroyer is something like the heavily armoured cousin of the German Hetzer. Weighing in approximately at 30 tons, this vehicle should effectively destroy enemy tanks.

The project did not progress beyond the concept phase and was never built for the Wehrmacht. Many concept drawings of the constant changing of the concept are available around the internet.
The kit from Das Werk
Das Werk's new 1/35th scale Schwerer Kleiner Panzerkampfwagen would be an interesting proposition for anyone who would like to build "What-If" or "Wehrmacht 1946" models. This particular type has only been produced in resin in 1/72nd scale before, so it is a good chance to get into a larger scale with this paper panzer.
Das Werk has shown us a little of what to expect in this model in their CAD drawings. With the model, you can make either the version with the 10,5-cm-leichte Feldhaubitze 43 big gun or the version with the 10cm Panzerabwehrwerfer higher velocity gun. This would have been a really good infantry support vehicle if it was produced.

Product Details
There are two different barrel versions included (10,5cm leFH43 & 10cm PAW) guns.
Optional nightvision gear is included, with link & length tracks for easy assembly (maybe leave some off if you are making the side skirts that cover them). There will also be photo-etch parts included in this kit.
The kit includes six different markings:
Unknown Unit, Germany 1945
Unknown Unit, Hamburg, Germany 1945
Unknown Unit, Berlin, Germany 1945
Unknown Unit, Freudenstadt, Schwarzwald, Germany 1946
Unknown Unit, Germany 1945
Unknown Unit, Germany, Winter 1945/1946
The decals in the kit:
Das Werk's new Schwerer Kleiner Panzerkampfwagen with the number DW35019 will be available around the end of July 2022.

You can find out more information on this kit, or where to pre-order it from the Das Werk Website