Thursday, July 21

IPMS Nats news: Two new releases in the Gold series from Kinetic Model...

Kinetic took the opportunity to make two new model announcements at the US IPMS Nats this year. Another in the new tooled series of F-16's and a C-17 Globemaster are now on the way. We look at the announcement in our preview...
IPMS Nats news: Two new releases in the Gold series from Kinetic Model...
It is time again for the US IPMS Nationals to kick off. This time, the event is being held in Omaha, Nebraska. Kinetic Model were at the event, they took this opportunity to announce two new kits.
Both come from the "Gold Series" and both are close to the final stages of development.

C-17A Globemaster III
From Kinetic Model
Kit No #72003
1/72nd scale
Estimated Release: 2023.
This first announcement has been ling coming and long delayed, but we have been told that the new 72nd scale C-17 Globemaster III kit is in the final tooling process and coming soon will reach the market with many possibilities. 

The lovely box art for the kit is illustrated by Antonis Karydis, and the decals for this boxing are made by Model City Artworks. We are not sure of the variants in the box or marking choices as of yet.

The 2nd Announcement for the IPMS Nationals is the new F-16C Viper Block 25/42 in 48th scale...

F-16C Viper Block 25/42
From Kinetic Model
Kit No #48100
1/48th scale
Due for release in October 2022
Decals from four USAF aircraft included:
The second announcement is the extension of Kinteic's new-tooled range of F-16 Fighting Falcons (Vipers nowadays) in 48th scale. The specific aircraft featured is the F-16C or block 25/42. Famous artist Adam Toby has illustrated the very nice box art, while Fightertown Decals are designing the decal sets for it.

We do not know which decals for now, but we would think they are for USAF aircraft only in this release, seeing we had the earlier announcement of the NATO vipers last month....

We will let you know more as news becomes available. If you are in Omaha, you can visit Kinetic at their stand at the big show.
Until then, keep an eye on Kinetic Model's website for more info...