Wednesday, July 27

Preview: Revell's August releases revealed in full colour...

Revell has released a few models in July and August. Although their website is confusing to follow, they do provide some information, and the kit built up by Revell's staff. See what's new in our preview...

Preview: Revell's August releases revealed in full colour...

German Research Vessel Meteor
Product number: 05218
Number of parts:181
Length:325 mm
Whether it is the Atlantic, the Pacific, the Mediterranean or the Baltic Sea – the German research vessel Meteor cruises across a wide variety of waters. Here, the focus is on basic research in multiple scientific disciplines.
Two-piece hull
Crane and hoisting systems
Antenna and radio mast
Display stand
Authentic decals

Eurofighter Typhoon "Black Jack"
Product number: 03820
Number of parts:228
Length:330mm / Wingspan:231mm
The Eurofighter Typhoon "Black Jack" is a twin-engine, multi-role combat aircraft with an impressive speed of 2.25 Mach and a maximum take-off weight of 55,000 pounds. It was developed by the European Fighter Aircraft (EFA). The Black Jack comes with a special design that was specially developed for the RAF. Kit of the Eurofighter with the distinctive design as "Black Jack".
Detailed surface structures
Detailed landing gear bays
Detailed engine replica
Detailed decals of the "Black Jack" design

Eurofighter Typhoon "The Bavarian Tiger 2021"
Product number: 03818
Number of parts:85
The Eurofighter Typhoon "Bavarian Tiger 2021" is a twin-engine multi-purpose combat plane with an impressive speed of 2.25 Mach and a maximum take-off weight of 55,000 lbs. It was developed by the European Fighter Aircraft (EFA). The first units were delivered to the German armed forces in 2003. Kit of the 2.25 Eurofighter Typhoon with the unmistakable "Bavarian Tiger 2021" design.
Detailed surface structures
Cockpit imitation
Detailed chassis
Detailed decals of the "Bavarian Tiger" design
In addition to basic colours, adhesives and brushes are also included.

Queen Mary 2
Product number: 05231
Number of parts:323 / Length:494 mm
A truly legendary passenger ship. Model kit of one of the largest and most magnificent passenger ships ever built. Measuring 345 m long and 72 m tall, this ship is bigger than the Statue of Liberty.
Detailed two-part hull
4 engine nacelles with propellers
Structured main and promenade decks
Detailed swimming pools
Transparent parts for protective glazing
Separate excursion boots, life-boats, speedboats
Display stand included
Wide range of decals for many parts of the ship

 1967 Corvette Sting Ray Sport Coupe 2N1
Product number: 14517
Number of parts:116
Length:175 mm
Width:70 mm / Height:51 mm
The 1967 Corvette® was the fifth and final year for a body style that started in 1963. Production problems delayed the new body and the Corvette design group scrambled to do something with an already four-year-old design. They removed trim to clean up the body surfaces, side fender engine air lovers were changed to a five-vent design, the gas cap was body color, new back-up light design and new rally wheels were added. Small block cars retained the same hood from 1965, but big block cars had a hood unique to the '67 which featured a hood scoop and painted stripe. The interior had a new seat upholstery, center mounted emergency brake, and flat dash knobs. Seven different engines were offered, which ranged from 300hp 327 cubic inch small block to a big block 427 cubic inch L-88 engine.
Fully detailed 427 ci. engine with a four-barrel carburetor
Rallye wheels
Fully detailed interior and opening hood
Multiple hood stripe color decal options

1981 Z-28 Camaro
Product number: 14526
Number of parts:37
Length:200 mm
Width:83 mm / Height:56 mm
The second-generation Camaro™ was produced from 1970 to 1981. After a hiatus in 1975 and 1976, the Z28® returned to the Camaro line-up in 1977 as a high-performance model. The 1981 Z28 was powered by a 350 c.i. (5.7L) V8 that produced 175 hp.
All of these new products are available now from the Revell Website...