Monday, August 8

Preview: Kinetic's 48th scale 2-seater Tiger for Europe inbound...

News of new two-seater F-5's are welcomed by modellers who admire this still sleek aircraft's lines. Kinetic's new 48th scale kit looks to feature Dutch, Norwegian & Spanish aircraft in their latest boxing. Info in our preview...
Preview: Kinetic's 48th scale 2-seater Tiger for Europe inbound...

Northrop NF-5B/F-5B/SF-5B Freedom Fighters - Europe
From Kinetic Model
Kit No #K48117
1/48 scale 
Markings in Dutch, Spanish & Norwegian aircraft included
The subject: The export Tiger - Northrop NF-5B/F-5B/SF-5B Freedom Fighters in Europe
The two-seater F-5's in this boxing reflect three slightly different types of Tiger:

The F-5B The two-seat trainer version. This was used by many nations, including the Norwegian Air Force (Luftvorsvaret). Operational conversion on the new fighter dictated the construction of a two-seater designated Northrop F-5B. This had no cannon armament but could carry any all other armament under the wings. 

Norwegian F-5B arriving at Leeuwarden for the open day in July 1994. The RNoAF flew with the F-5s between 1966 and 2000.
In-flight deliveries started in February 1966, 2 Northrop F-5B(G) arrived at Sola AS. Shortage of personnel and aircraft, due to unusual high attrition, forced to reduce in 1973 the number of Freedom Fighter units: 332 Skvadron was disbanded (its aircraft were redistributed to the other Squadrons), while 334 Squadron was re-equipped with Canadair CF-104. As 16 aircraft had been lost by mid-1970s there were not enough F-5s to maintain four Squadrons, even with only 16 operational aircraft, number reduced from 20 originally foreseen. The last Norwegian two-seater finished its service around 2000.

NF-5B: Two-seat training version of the CF-5D for the Royal Netherlands Air Force, or Koninklijke Luchtmacht, with 30 built. The NF-5B was to replace T-33 Trainer Aircraft. It first entered service in October 1969. In October 1969.

A Canadair NF-5B K-4014 of 313s Squadron seen in-flight with three tanks.
Squadrons using the NF-5B were converted to F-16 in the mid-to-late 1980s.

SF-5B: Two-seat training version of the F-5B for the Spanish Air and Space Force. Built under license by CASA in Spain. Spain's order comprised 34 SF-5Bs, and eighteen each of the SF-5A and SRF-5A variants. The first eight machines for the EdA were supplied in various stages of completion by Northrop - the first three were in component form, the next three were airframe shells, and the final pair required only final assembly. 

CASA SF-5B(M) Freedom Fighter - AE9-027
The remainder of the order was completed by CASA at Seville and Madrid-Getafe. Seville built the aft fuselages and engine mountings, while Getafe supplied the rest. The engines were supplied by General Electric in the USA and the avionics were US-supplied also. The first Spanish-built example (SF-5B CE.9-001) made its maiden flight on May 22, 1968. The construction program continued until 1971. These aircraft served for several decades, finally ending up giving service as fighter trainers for the F-18 Hornet & target tugs.

The new kit from Kinetic:
Today Kinetic announced a new version of the 1/48 scale Northrop NF-5B/F-5B/SF-5B Freedom Fighter kit. This boxing, with the extra title "Europe" covers the Two seaters of Dutch, Norwegian and Spanish AF aircraft.
All we have so far - past that is the boxart by Antonis Karidis (very nice) and after that - we wait! No release date or price as of yet. But we do know at least the marking choice nations for a start! We will let you know here if there are any updates on this kits features.

Until then, keep an eye on Kinetic Model's website for more info...