Monday, August 22

Preview: Special Hobby's four releases for October / November...

Special Hobby have highlighted four kits of note for their October/ November schedule. A small scale re-printed Fouga CM-175 Zephyr, Farmer & boy tractor drivers, and some colourful Texans. We also look a little at the special release of their second AH-1 Hi-Tech Kit with all of those extras. All in our preview...

Preview: Special Hobby's four releases for October / November...

AT-6C/D & SNJ-3/3C Texan ‘Training to Win’
1/72nd scale
Art.No.: 100-SH72450
The North American, founded in the 1930s, is famous mostly for designing and producing the P-51 Mustang fighter aeroplane. The company, however, made a name for itself with its first achievement, the single-engine, trainer aeroplane, originally known as the NA-16 and to be developed further and eventually becoming an all-metal machine with retractable undercarriage. The type was produced in many various versions throughout the war as well as in the post-war years. The USAAF designated the type AT-6 Texan, while for the US Navy and Marines; it was known as the SNJ. The type found its way across the world during the war as well as when it had ended. For the Commonwealth, the Texan was produced as the Harvard Mk.I through to Mk.IV. In Canada, the Noorduyn company built under licence rights the Harvard Mk.IIB airframes. The various Texan versions differed mainly by their armament, equipment and the shape and framing of the canopy. Many Allied airmen, coming from all around the world, and even from occupied Europe, got their wings in the cockpit of this North American’s workhorse.
The plastic in the kit is the Academy post-war AT-6G version comes in our re-boxing now joined by a new clear parts sprue and a set of resin parts enabling it to be finished in the iconic war-time trainer version.

The kit features:
- Really attractive model of so far not kitted versions
- Interesting colour schemes
- Detail resin parts in the box
- Pre-cut paint masks M72024 also available

AH-1G Cobra ‘Over Vietnam with M-35 Gun System’ Hi-Tech Kit
1/48th scale
Plastic kit with extensive resin & photo-etch extra details
Price: $91USD from Hobbylink Japan
The AH-1G Cobra was the world’s first helicopter primarily designed and developed for the ground attack role. Its first combat deployment took place in Vietnam in 1967. The initial batches differed from the later ones by having their tail rotor on the port side of the fin. The AH-1G became the first member of the quite wide family of attack helicopters of which the latest versions keep flying until these days. The AH-1G fought in the Vietnam war, saw service both in the USA and Western Europe, and were also exported to several other countries – the G version went to Spanish Navy and the Israeli Air Force.

The kit:
The superb quality styrene parts of the AH-1G Cobra model now come with a large amount of resin detail parts, photo etches and 3D-printed items which all extensively raise the levels of detail of the original kit, both in the cockpit and on the outside of the airframe, making the model a real gem in your collection and deserving the Hi-Tech title. The kit also contains pre-cut inside/outside canopy masks. The decal sheet offers markings for four various schemes of Vietnam-based Cobras armed with the M-35 cannon system. All of these machines wear individual names, two of them also sport a shark mouth on their fuselage. 

Four colour schemes included in the box.
The kit features:
-    Top quality resin parts, 3D-printed parts, masks, etches and pre-painted etches in the box
-    Decals for 4 machines that fought in the Vietnam war, airframe servicing stencils also included
The extra high detail parts in this kit:

Fouga CM-175 Zéphyr
Art.No.: 100-SH72323
Price: $16 USD from Hobbylink Japan
The Fouga Magister is among the most widely used jet trainer aeroplanes in the world. Its navalized variety, however, was operated solely by the French naval aviation, the Aeronavale. The machine, renamed the Zephyr, sported reinforced construction, special equipment for over seas operations, a different nose section and rearwards opening canopies of the crew. The Zephyr served, both from land bases and carrier decks, for long three and a half decades.
This is the re-released Special Hobby model, in the box with a superb painting depicting a Zephyr just before landing on a carrier, comes on four grey styrene sprues and one with clear parts. The decals cater for one machine in its early Aeronavale scheme and three later ones.

Zetor 25 Tractor Driver and village boy 
1/72nd scale
The kit contains the figures of a farmer and a boy in light grey resin. Tractor is not included.
Art.No.: 129-F72382
Price: $8 USD from Hobbylink Japan
The resin Zetor 25 Tractor model still proves to be highly popular among the modellers, and now you can breath more life into it with our figure of a civilian driver and a village rascal boy watching the driver go by. The driver figure is cast along with its seat.
The kit contains the figures of a farmer and a boy in light grey resin. Tractor is not included.

These new kits are available on Special Hobby's Website