Sunday, August 28

Preview: Tamiya's British Cruiser Tank A34 Comet in 35th scale...

We have the new official photos and information highlighting the features and parts of Tamiya;'s forthcoming British Cruiser Tank A34 Comet in 35th scale. An interesting mix of features and smart choices look like they are incorporated. See more in our preview...

New images & Info of Tamiya's A34 Comet

British Cruiser Tank A34 Comet
From Tamiya
Kit No #35380 
1/35th scale
Product Link on the Tamiya Website
The Subject: British Cruiser Tank A34 Comet
The Comet was introduced at the end of World War II as a British tank that could compete with powerful German tanks such as the Tiger and Panther. The basic structure of the car body is based on Cromwell, a conventional main battle tank, and the main gun is equipped with a QF77mm gun, which is comparable to the 17-pounder gun, which was said to be the strongest anti-tank gun in England at the time. 

A Comet tank of 29th Armoured Brigade on 26 January 1945
The turret has also been enlarged to match the new main gun, giving it a more modern look. The Comet, which made its first appearance in the Rhine Crossing Operation in March 1945, struggled mainly to support infantry, fully demonstrating the power of its 77mm cannon. The well-balanced performance of attack power, mobility, and defence power was highly appreciated by the crew and infantry.

Model Features:
This is a 1/35 scale plastic model assembly kit of the British A34 Comet. 
- Length: 219mm, Width: 88mm. Based on research on the actual vehicle, with a long 77mm gun on the square-shaped body that has been realistically modeled. 
- The hull and front of the turret have a realistic cast feel. The mantlet canvas cover is also a highlight. 
- The tracks are articulated with straight sections. 
- The so-called "Normandy cowl" duct at the rear of the hull can be selected from the left and right integrated type or separate type. 
- The searchlight lens on the side of the turret is made of clear parts. 
- The kit comes with 2 half-length figures of the crew in winter clothes and 2 types of markings.

The long-barreled 77mm gun mounted on the boxy shaped hull gives a good representation of the Comet's appearance.
The set of two figures, a loader and a half-length figure of the vehicle commander in winter clothes give the kit the human story appeal.
The canvas cover of the mantlet is realistic and a focus point of the model.
The front of the hull is equipped with the BESA machine gun, driver's visor, headlights, etc. The wire cable reproduces a complicated shape with 6 parts.
The track runs are made of  a connection assembly type that integrates the straight parts with single links to replicate the pull, sag and the feel of the real thing.
The upper return rollers have a pin to secure the positioning the track to ease of assembly.
Precise finish such as smoke generator and traction tool. The duct, called the "Normandy cowl", can be selected from two types of shapes.
The Normandy cowl is divided into two at the centre, so that the gun barrel can be locked backward in the travel position.
External equipment such as scoops and crowbars are also made into parts. A helmet and gas mask case that can be placed freely are also available.
The car body is assembled in a box shape, and the shaping of each side is sharply expressed. Strength and accuracy are also ensured by internal bulkhead parts.

No exact release date is slated yet. We will bring you more about the kit as it surfaces. Until then, check out the Tamiya Website for more information...