Thursday, September 29

Preview: Along come two at once...A new "Nose Art" kit of their 32nd scale Lancaster from Border Models

You wouldn't "Adam & Eve" it - the SECOND nose-only kit of the Lancaster in 32nds scale is now imminent, this one from Border Model. We thought this market was already full. See this new kit's features in our preview...

Preview: Along come two at once...A new "Nose Art" kit of their 32nd scale Lancaster from Border Models

Avro Lancaster B.MK1/III Nose
Full interior kit
From Border Model
1/32nd scale
Kit No #BF008
Photo etch parts included
Mount for nose included
Three decal choices included in this boxing
We thought this was a good idea when Hong Kong Models did it, now, well, it's a full market for Lancaster nose art kits as Border Model make their own kit for modellers who either don't have the space, the cash or the energy to build a full Avro Lancaster in 32nd scale (and there are many).

A possible diorama sequence for you...
The kit promises A full interior, photo-etched parts and decals for the interior and we know of two marking choices in the box.
The first of three marking choices is the box art aircraft, "Phantom of the Ruhr," as she was called. She was Lancaster Mk.I EE139, and was originally assigned to 100th Squadron on May 31st, 1943.
"Phantom of the Ruhr" flew 121 missions, including 15 trips to Berlin. She first wore fuselage codes HW-R, and later assigned to 550 Squadron, she bore fuselage codes BQ-B. Not that you will see any of these, as the rest of the plane does not come with the box - just the nose fellows!
The second decal choice is "Mickey the Moocher" EE176 QR-M of 61 Squadron, which completed 128 operations. It was later retired and scrapped.
Mickey the Moocher's regular crew, L to R: Jim Leith (Flight Engineer), Dennis Cluett (Rear Gunner), Peter Smith (Bomb Aimer), Frank Mouritz (Pilot), Arthur Bass (Mid-Upper Gunner), Laurie Cooper (Navigator) and Dave Blomfield (Wireless Operator).
The third marking variant is "Victorious Virgin". Lancaster B MK.I, RF128/ QB-V No 424 Sqn, RCAF, Skipton on Swale UK Spring 1943.

F/L J. F. Thomas and the crew of Avro Lancaster Bomber ‘B’ MkI ‘Victorious Virgin’ RF128 QB-V of RCAF 424 Squadron “Tiger” Squadron on the 21st of March 1945. (probably taken at the Skipton-on-Swale, North Yorkshire airfield).
Until we find out more, check out the Border Model website for more information...