Tuesday, September 13

Preview: History, colours, plastic & art of Miniart's new 35th scale T-34/85 Yugoslav Wars kit

MiniArt has added a new version of the T-34 to their range with this new kit of the T-34/85 "Yugoslav Wars". We look at the boxart, plastic, & colour variants in real life that are offered in this kit in our preview...

Preview: History, colours, plastic & art of Miniart's new 35th scale T-34/85 Yugoslav Wars kit

 T-34/85 Yugoslav Wars
1/35th scale
The Subject: The "Yugoslav Wars" 1990-2001:
The Yugoslav Wars refer to a series of separate but related ethnic conflicts, wars of independence, and insurgencies that took place in the SFR Yugoslavia from 1991 to 2001. The conflicts both led up to and resulted from the breakup of Yugoslavia, which began in mid-1991, into six independent countries matching the six entities known as republics which previously composed Yugoslavia: Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia, and North Macedonia (previously named Macedonia). 

The T-34/85, often with several modifications, found a role in fighting for many sides in these conflicts.
Yugoslavia's constituent republics declared independence due to unresolved tensions between ethnic minorities in the new countries, which fuelled the wars. While most of the conflicts ended through peace accords that involved full international recognition of new states, they resulted in a massive loss of life as well as severe economic damage to the region.

This new kit from MiniArt: T-34/85 Yugoslav Wars
MiniArt's popular T-34/85 kite different colour has five new colour options that depict the tanks of the so-called "Yugoslavian Wars" of the early 1990s. 
This kit features:
- Driver compartment interior accurately represented
- Fully detailed fighting compartment interior
- Highly detailed interior of turret
- All hatches can be posed open & closed

The sprues of the kit reveal some more points:
Individual tracks included
Clear plastic parts included
Photo-etched parts included & Decal sheet for 5 options
Yugoslav People's Army, Early 1990s
This depicts this T-34/85 in Bosnia,1990.

Yugoslav People's Army, Early 1990s
T-34-85 tanks in one of the warehouses of the JNA. Notice that one vehicle has a five-digit tactical number (18704), while the vehicle on the left (2884) has a standard four-digit tactical number. Another interesting detail is the different types of road wheels on vehicle no. 18704

Republic of Croatia Armed Forces, Early 1990s
Croatian T-34-85 with the characteristic protection made of sandbags and checked red and white coat of arms painted on the front, Dubrovnik, 1992. 

Presumably the Army of the self-proclaimed state of the Republic of Serbian Krajina, 1990s

Army of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, 1990s
T-34–85 operated by the Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina, probably in 1993. National insignias representing the country are on the turret (Coat of Arms, inscription BiH). Notice also the improvised protection made of rubber.