Thursday, October 20

Preview: 1/48th scale SuEM with new GBU-49 and Chaff dispenser from Kinetic Model

Kinetic's new Dassault Super Etendard Modernisé SEM 64 in 1/48th scale is due to land very soon. We take a look at the real thing and try to grasp whatever we can about the kit so far in our preview... 

Preview: Kinetic's 48th scale 2-seater Tiger for Europe inbound...

SuEM with new GBU-49 and Chaff dispenser
From Kinetic Model
Kit No #K48140
1/48 scale 
Markings for three Aeronavale aircraft included.
The subject: SuEM with new GBU-49 and Chaff dispenser
Choosing a successor to the Etendard was not an easy task for the French Navy. From 1970 the SEPECAT Jaguar M was flying and for three years carried out tests, including from the Clemenceau.

However, the aircraft was ill-suited to the restricted dimensions of French aircraft carriers. American attack planes were evaluated and the McDonnell Douglas A-4M suited the needs perfectly. Despite this, the political choice imposed an entirely national aircraft, which led to the selection of the Super Etendard.
While we only hoped for a change of engine and some equipment, the Super Etendard only kept 10% of its predecessor. The modifications also affected the wings, the fuselage, and the weapon system around the Agave radar was completely revised.
Production and commissioning
The first of three prototypes rebuilt from Etendard airframes made its initial flight on October 29, 1974. The first of a series of 71 aircraft flew on November 24, 1977. The Navy received the new model on June 28, 1978. In September, the Super Etendard entered service with the 11 F then with the 17 F. The two flotillas were initiated into the launching of the AM 39 Exocet anti-ship missile and the dropping of the tactical atomic bomb; however, no real nuclear fire was operated.
The Super Etendard was also ordered by the Armada Argentina and the 14 copies would shine during the Falklands War by sinking the missile escort HMS Sheffield on May 4, 1982, then the Atlantic Conveyor on May 25. Five Super Etendards were also “lent” to Iraq.
“Modernized” version (Modernized Super Etendard)
From 1990, the Super Etendard had to undergo a first upgrade of its equipment. For the fifth and last recovery operation, 35 were renamed SEM 5. They received a Damocles Laser designation nacelle, an automatic resetting GPS, a FLIR, all allowing bombs to be directed very precisely at moving targets. Gradually the SEM 5 will give way to the Rafale F2.
The French Navy's Super Etendard No. 64, bearing the Pau coat of arms, arrived in flight on Wednesday June 2, 2010 at 11 a.m. to join the Museum's collections. It came directly from Landivisiau, piloted by Lieutenant Commander Stanislas Delatte, Commander of Flotilla 17F.

The kit: 1/48th scale SuEM with new GBU-49 and Chaff dispenser from Kinetic Model
Kinetic has released this, the second Dassault Super Etendard  in 1/48 scale. This kit captures the Modernisé SEM 64 (or SuEM) of the French Aeronavale. This kit also features the GBU-49 general purpose bomb and chaff dispensers.

A SuEM on the Charles-de-Gaulle a few seconds before its catapulting for an air raid against a logistics center of the jihadist forces. See the GBU-49 laser-guided bomb ( again ) under the wing.
On the box it says that three versions of the French Navy are included. One from the 1980s, another from the Afghan war era in 2008, the last from the operations over Libya in 2011.

That is all we have so far - past that is the boxart by Antonis Karidis (very nice) and after that - we wait! No release date or price as of yet. But we do know at least the marking choices for a start! We will let you know here if there are any updates on this kits features.

Until then, keep an eye on Kinetic Model's website for more info...