Wednesday, November 16

A team of large GI's & a German in many scales in Sol Model's new items for November.

Sol Model has new figures of a German in three scales, and some Jeep enjoyers in 16th scale for Takom's big new jeep in their November new items. See what they are made of in our preview...
A team of large GIs & a German in many scales in Sol Model's new items for November.

U.S.Army M1918 Bar gunner
1/16th scale
for Takom kit
One figure in resin
To suit Takom's brilliant new Jeep in 1/16th scale we have this BAR gunner, sold as a single figure, sitting on the side of the Jeep. printed in light grey resin, he is digitally sculpted, with the finest details pretty prominent, with some nice detail given to body language also.

1/4 ton 4X4 G503 MB Utility Truck U.S. Army Infantry crew with M.P.
1/16th scale  
for Takom kit
Five resin figure set
This set of five digital sculpts are printed in resin and sold as a set. We do not have a price, but more information on these can be found on the Sol Model Website. What we do know is that the set matches or is designed to fit the new 16th scale jeep from Takom. The officer in the passenger seat, the driver with his goggles on his netted helmet. The single figure of the BAR gunner we looked at earlier is included with an MG gunner leaning on his .50 cal MG. Lastly, a Military Policeman is as usual, telling them all where to go!

 WWII German Winter Infantry with MP40
1/35th, 1/16th & 1/9th scales 
One figure in three different scales
These three shouty Germans are actually one, but in three scales, with this resin figure digital sculpted and printed in three scales, 1/35th, 1/16th & 1/9th.  Whichever sculpt size you choose, you get the choice of two heads, one with the soldier in n overseas flat forage cap, the other with an early WWII Steel helmet. The figure is dressed in the "Kharkov Parka". He is carrying his MP-40, with ammunition pouches and stick grenades attached to his belt. Plenty of wrinkles in his thick, lined clothing make him look a very cold in a winter setting!

These new figures are not yet on their website, where you can order them directly. You can see more from Sol Model on their Facebook page.