Friday, December 9

Preview: All-new DioramaProject 1.3 from Euro Modellismo & Vallejo

Some of the best books on the market when looking at creating your own dioramas & landscapes, DioramaProject 1.3, carries on this tradition with an all-new volume. We look at the contents in our preview...

DioramaProject 1.3 - Scenery & Dioramas 
From Euro Modellismo & Vallejo
Authors: Shinpei Nohara, Frederik Astier, Fabrizio Pincelli, Rodrigo Hernández Cabos
In either English or Spanish Languages.
A-4, portrait format
120 Pages
Price: €16.99 (SAVE 15% of full cover price on pre-order)
DioramaProject series offers the reader a visual guide to conceiving, creating and perfecting their own dioramas. In each of these series, the authors show the reader how to recreate the earthly tones of all seasons and landscapes. This book, Version 1.3 - continues this tradition.
Through three detailed step-by-step articles, the reader delves into how to build and paint muddy terrain, riverbanks, and urban environments, as well as the proper techniques for integrating vehicles and figures with the terrain.

These books feature the work of modellers and authors Shinpei Nohara, Frederik Astier, Fabrizio Pincelli and Rodrigo Hernández Cabos. These modellers walk you through the how and why of their decisions and offer several tips to the reader that are sometimes very different from the normal thinking and approaches of modellers you see either in magazines and on-line.
The book is now available on the Euro Modellismo website for €16.99 (SAVE 15% of full cover price on pre-order) from the Euro Modellismo Website...