Monday, December 12

Preview: Miniart's Liefer Pritschenwagen Typ 170V Farmer Car in 35th scale

MiniArt has made the Typ170V before - in military and civilian versions, and now we see another creative version of the car in  flat tray utility version. See what MiniArt are delivering from their farm in our preview...

Preview: Miniart's Liefer Pritschenwagen Typ 170V Farmer Car in 35th scale

Liefer Pritschenwagen Typ 170V Farmer Car
From MiniArt
Kit No #38060
1/35th scale
The kit contains three marking choices in the box.
Photo-etch & clear parts are included
The Subject - the Type 170V utility
The Mercedes Type 170V utility vehicle was another one of the variants of the successful Type 170 that was produced before, during and after WWII in many various forms from roadsters, cabriolets'  Kubelwagens, utility vehicles, four-door passenger wagons, ambulances and other variants. It is a very popular vehicle amongst Mercedes enthusiasts and until recently not produced by many model makers in 1/35th scale.
MiniArt has made a few of these vehicles in 35th scale, this time, a very smart way of changing the look of their moulds with a delivery van version of the car, complete with cargo for the back and decals for the commercial uses of the kit.

The kit from Miniart: The feature set of the kit is:
- Both the doors and the bonnet can be opened
- The highly detailed engine can be seen through a fine photo-etched grille
- The rear tray is supplied full of farming tools and equipment
- The whole structure of the underside of the vehicle is replicated faithfully on this model

CAD shots of the sprues:
MiniArt has provided us with CAD sprue shots of the kit that give us a little more idea of the kit.

The sprues included with the kit 
The wooden tray for the utility is here on a single sprue
Clear parts included
Sprues for the farm equipment, the sacks, milk containers and farm tools for the car are included
The photo-etch sheet includes finer parts.
Also, the single deal sheet is supplied for four versions of the 170V, each bearing  different number plate,
There are four marking choices, all of these for utility vehicles from after the war, riht into the 50's, but these could be used in an earlier setting if you liked...