Friday, December 2

Preview: Revell's Hurricane comes to life & colour...

Revell gave us all a nice surprise last week when we saw the pictures of their new-tooled Hawker Hurricane Mk.IIb in 32nd scale. Today we have pictures of what we think is the same kit, built and painted up in one of the box art colours. See more in our preview...

Preview: Revell's Hurricane comes to life & colour...

Hawker Hurricane Mk.IIb
From Revell
Product number: 04968
1/32nd scale
Number of parts:118
Length:305 mm / Wingspan:380 mm
After we looked at the test kit build up last week, today Revell brings us the same test kit built and painted up. Let's see if anything has changed since then...

We now have a picture of the sprues, but not in any detail. Looks like seven sprues and a clear sprue. Notice the fuselage is a whole sprue (in halves) by itself, making it easy to combine wings and fuselage with others for different types later on in the run.
The whole aircraft put together, Although we can see the whole thing, the devil will surely be int he details...
The posable flaps and tail surfaces can be seen here. Fabric surfaces seen on rudder are subtle enough for most modellers.The ribbing of the fuselage is a fair bit stronger.
From this angle it is hard to know what angle the wing is to the fuselage. We doubt that has been changed in a week on this test kit.
The undercarriage, although a bit roughly panted here (in a hurry, no doubt,) shows a detailed gear bay.
The cockpit, like most Revell recent larger scale release, leaves a bit to be desired, but again, this looks like it has been painted in a hurry!
That is all we have for now, we will show you more as soon as we have info on it.

The Hawker Hurricane Mk.IIB (part number 04968) will be available in stores and in the Revell online store in early December.