Saturday, December 24

Tamiya Catalogue 2023 - more of what we know in their showcase....

The scale model division of Tamiya cannot be accused of doing anything rash - so when they release their catalogue for the upcoming year, it will most probably be filled with kits we are already aware of! For those of you that are fans, however, it is a nice showcase of their current kits. We look at it in our preview...
“Tamiya Catalog 2023 (Scale Model Version)” was released today. A lineup of scale models is posted with beautiful color photos. Inside they have featured new products that are introduced in colourful photos. 

Among Tamiya's abundant lineup, Tamiya Catalog 2023 is issued, which includes a wide range of scale models, mini 4WD, fun craft series, and makeup materials. The 9-part cover is laid out with scale models, mini 4WD, microcomputer robots, etc. New products such as 1/24 scale NISSAN Fairlady Z (RZ34), 1/12 Ducati Superleggera V4, 1/48 Lockheed Martin F-35A Lightning II, 1/35 British Cruiser Tank Comet, etc. I introduce it with a large-sized double-page spread photo. In addition, items such as craft tools, paints, and airbrushes that are indispensable for model making are also worth paying attention to. A Tamiya color compatibility table based on lacquer paint is also useful. It's fun to check out the new products, as well as think about the next kit to make. It's a charming book that makes you excited just by looking at it. Size 26 x 25.5 cm, total 93 pages.

Two shots of 1/24 NISSAN Fairlady Z (RZ34) decorate the opening pages. Realistic reproduction of a sharp appearance that incorporates a design that makes you feel the homage to the successive Z on each part of the body.
The large-format photo of the 1/12 motorcycle series is the Ducati Superleggera V4 . The form that has been refined with aerodynamics in mind is modeled as it is on the actual vehicle.
1/48 Lockheed Martin F-35A Lightning II - In addition to shots that capture the unique form of a stealth fighter, detailed cuts are also introduced of the fuselage arsenal reproduced with precise moulds.
British cruiser tank Comet that appeared at the end of World War II . A modern style with a long barrel 77mm gun on a flat body.
In addition to tanks, sports cars, ships, airplanes, motorcycles, and even dinosaurs, a wide range of lineups are condensed into one volume. There is no doubt that you will be thrilled with the variety of contents.
On the Mini 4WD page, we introduce a wide variety of lineups at once, such as Chevalier, which has a knight-like styling, and machines that were active in manga and anime.
A craft series where you can learn while having fun with various mechanisms . Materials and parts that stimulate the inspiration of original work are also posted.
We also picked up items from the 1/14 electric RC big truck series , which can be said to be a running scale model . The force that overflows from the paper is transmitted.
Craft tools and make-up materials are indispensable for improving efficiency and creating a beautiful finish. Check out the new products added each year.
A wide variety of Tamiya colors are posted with color samples. We also cover sprays for polycarbonate.
Posted Tamiya color compatibility table . Based on lacquer paint, you can see acrylic paint and spray paint corresponding to each color at a glance.
Compressors and air brushes carefully explain the characteristics of each model. 
You can find out more about these releases on the Tamiya Website...