Monday, January 2

Preview: Kinetic's 48th scale RF-5A Recce Freedom Fighter in the frame

Kinetic is stretching out to new variants of the 1/48th scale Freedom fighter, with the RF-5A version in three colour options as their first release of 2023. We look at it in our preview...

Preview: Kinetic's 48th scale RF-5A Recce Freedom Fighter in the frame

RF-5A Recce Freedom Fighter
From Kinetic Model
Kit No #K48137
1/48th scale
Markings for three aircraft included.
The Subject: Northrop RF-5A Freedom Fighter
The RF-5A (N-156C) is the reconnaissance version of the F-5A. It was ordered in October of 1967, but did not make its first flight until May, in 1968. It retained some combat capability with the additional provision of four KS-92 cameras mounted in the nose. The KS-92 camera was provided with an individual light sensor and individual light sensor and automatic exposure and had a 100-foot magazine. The cameras gave forward oblique, trimetrogon and split vertical coverage. All four cameras could be removed, reloaded, and replaced within five minutes. The use of different lenses gave six basic camera configurations.

The nose of the Rf-5A in close up
The RF-5A could be distinguished from its single- seat fighter cousin by the rather angular nose cutouts for the camera ports. The cameras were accessed via the upper surface of the nose which hinged forward. The aircraft was otherwise quite similar to the F-5A. Both cannon were retained, even when the cameras were fitted. In theory, the nose of the RF-5A could be replaced by the standard F-5A nose, but in the field this operation took too long to be practical.

The box art variant of the RF-5A is at least one of the choices in this kit.
The first of 89 RF-5As was delivered in the late 1960s. The first customer was the Imperial Iranian Air Force, followed by the air forces of Greece, Morocco, Norway, South Korea, South Vietnam, Thailand, and Turkey.

The kit: Kinetic Model's new 48th scale RF-5A Recce Freedom Fighter
Kinetic Model's  first new release for January 2023 in the recon variant to the Freedom Fighter family. The RF-5A Recce Freedom Fighter in 1/48th scale.

On the box it says that three versions of the RF-5A Recce Freedom Fighter are included. The decals are printed by Cross-Delta, and we have markings for: 
1. RF-5A of Greek Air Force, 1990s
2. RF-5A of Royal Norwegian Air Force, 1970s
3. SRF-5A of Spanish Air Force late 1970s
That is all we have so far - past that is the boxart by Antonis Karidis, but  at this time no release date or price. We do know at least the marking choices for a start! We will let you know here if there are any updates on this kits features.

Until then, keep an eye on Kinetic Model's website for more info...