Saturday, January 14

Preview: MiniArt's second serving of tank riders hit the decks next month...

MiniArt's second new set of 1/35th scale tank riders fill the void that never goes away with four more tank riders. We look at them in our preview...

Preview: MiniArt's second serving of tank riders hit the decks next month...

 German Tank Riders - Set II
From MiniArt
Kit No #35377
1/35th scale
The box contains four figures of German tank riders.
Following on from last months set from MiniArt of their number #35376 "German Tank Riders Set 1", we have a second set, made to intermingle and complement that set called, you guessed it - "German Tank Riders, Set II".  Four more figures in plastic of German soldiers from World War Two in camouflage smocks to sit on the deck of your German tank.
In the artwork for this second set, again the soldiers look quite placid, sitting passively on the deck as they travel along or at rest. It is hard to tell their actual body language from the sprues.

Speaking of the sprues, here are the four figures below unbuilt...
There is also a sprue of various German weapons of the era, the Kar.98, Mp-40, a Walther pistol, holstered pistols, map cases, ammo pouches, a bayonet and even a flare gun!
M1943 helmets, bread bags, bayonets, an entrenching tool, flasks and gas mask canisters are also included in a vast array of gear.
Not wanting to leave anything out, the MG 42 7.92×57mm Mauser general-purpose machine gun with ammo belt, bipod and gear is also included.
This kit will most probably be released in March. We hope to get one to put together for you.

You can see more about this kit on the MiniArt Website...