Thursday, February 23

NOT ANOTHER PANTHER! - well not exactly - the KF51 in 35th from Amusing Hobby

We were just thinking - it surely is time enough for someone to make a kit of the new KF51 Panther - our whim has been answered with Amusing Hobby, who are already developing their own kit in 35th scale We look at the kit's features & the real thing in our preview...

NOT ANOTHER PANTHER! - well not exactly, the KF51 in 35th from Amusing Hobby

KF51 Panther
From Amusing Hobby
Kit No# 35A047
1/35th scale 
Injection moulded kit
Photo-etch included.
This kit is due for release in April.
This is NOT the PAnther we were expecting was it? About time already, for someone to make an example of Rhinemetal's new 21st century anti-tank missile target. Don't know about Germany's latest Panther? Read on...

The Subject: The KF51 Panther:
The Panther is the first of its kind: a radically new MBT concept not constrained by yesterday’s technology. Drawing on some of the latest technologies, the Panther was designed from the ground up to deliver the highest lethality on the battlefield, combined with an integrated survivability concept and connected by a fully digitised NGVA data backbone to enable next-generation operational capabilities and automation. This enables a reduction in crew size, which paves the way for unmanned turret options and Human-Machine Teaming.
Unrivalled lethality over-match with the 130 mm Future Gun System (FGS) and optimised sensor-to-shooter links. The first MBT adopting an integrated survivability concept of on and off-platform sensors coupled with active, reactive and passive protection and a dedicated top attack protection system. The first for an MBT: The Panther is designed around a digital architecture complying with the NGVA standard. This is the key enabler for future decision support and automation systems.
The Panther fulfils the core capability of “dominate and destroy”. With the Rheinmetall Future Gun System consisting of a 130 mm cannon, a fully automated ammunition handling system and the additional armament options of the HERO 120 loitering ammunition, the Panther has concentrated firepower for long-range strikes in multi-target engagements. The Future Gun System, developed by Rheinmetall, enables a 50 per cent longer kill range to be achieved (than 120 mm) with an unrivalled rate of fire due to the autoloader performance. A 12.7 mm co-axial machine gun complements the main gun. Multiple Remote Controlled Weapon Station (RCWS) integration options give flexibility in proximity and drone defence. The optional HERO 120 loitering ammunition capability expands the Panther’s strike capability to non-line-of-sight targets and can be mounted depending on role and mission requirements. All weapons are connected with targeting sights and the fire control computer through the fully digitised architecture, allowing for hunter-killer and killer-killer operation, seamless target engagements and future AI decision support.
In addition to classic measures, the Panther’s digital architecture enables on and off-board survivability with active, reactive and passive protection technologies. The Panther is configured with a pre-shot detection capability, enabling it to strike first. Threats from above are defeated by the Rheinmetall TAPS (Top Attack Protection System). The ROSY smoke obscurance system is provided as part of the survivability system, which fully integrates with the digitised architecture to allow additional defence measures. The standout survivability feature is undoubtedly the active KE protection, which increases protection levels without affecting the system weight.

As a system designed to operate in a contested electromagnetic spectrum, the Panther is fully cyber hardened. The tank features:
Reactive and passive protection
Sensor-based reactive system
Passive protection
Active protection
Protection against large-calibre KE
Protection against ATGM
ROSY smoke obscurance system
Top attack protection system (TAPS)
Mine protection
Rheinmetall drones
Pre-shot detection capability
The combat weight of just 59 tonnes provides far greater mobility than current systems. This puts it in a battle-winning weight category and it also fits the tunnel profile AMovP-4L without preparation: a requirement that no current MBT upgrade fulfils. Consequently, the Panther excels in tactical and strategic mobility. Combat weight: < 59 t, Range: > 500 km
The Panther is a truly software-defined tank fully enabled to collect and disseminate information on the multi-domain battlefield. Deep integration of modern BMS and software-defined communication systems enables forces to operate in collaborative combat environments such as cross-platform sensor-to-shooter links.

The new kit from Amusing Hobby:
Amusing Hobby has long been at the fore of some choices that would appear risky to some, to others, why the long wait? We are happy to see this new generation Panther appear on the plastic battlefield, to take on your Abrams and T-14's - we think there is a place for this rapidly developing platform with modellers.
The kit will feature not only the tank, but the UAV that they can fire. The KF51 Panther will be to take over control of air and ground unmanned assets, eventually launched by some sort of mother vehicles, a “loyal wingman” concept being considered by Rheinmetall developers. The Panther has however an integral short-range air reconnaissance capability, two small UAVs with a few kilometres operational range and 30 minutes endurance being hosted on each side of the turret, and launched at will to reconnoitre the area ahead of the MBT.
The Panther is designed to control assigned unmanned aerial vehicles such as on-board or off-board drones, loitering ammunition and a range of un-crewed ground vehicles. The fully digitised system and common crew stations are the enablers for true Human-Machine Teaming and control of wingman UGVs that cover capabilities such as platoon-level air and drone defence.
Close protection is provided by a 12.7 mm coaxial machine gun, a remotely controlled weapon station to be installed over the turret being an option, another being the adoption of a Main Sensor Sleeved Armament (MSSA) system allowing to use the commander sight to operate as a remote controlled weapon station.
Tracks of the kit are provided in a four part for each construction - this beats the hell out of the original Panther tracks we have all suffered through!
This kit is slated for release in April. More information on all of their kits is available from Amusing Hobby's Facebook Page as their website does not seem to be working right now...