Monday, February 27

Preview: Hobbyboss' new catalogue & all-new items for 2023/24

Hobbyboss has leaked this for a while, but now we get to see their complete 2023/24 catalogue in official form. We added the brand new Hobbyboss releases at the end for those wanting to see all-new content.

Preview: Hobbyboss' new catalogue & new items for 2023/24
We have all the kits in from Hobbyboss' catalogue for 2023/24. Many of these you may already have or know of, and some of them - marked with a gold coloured "NEW" tag - many well be coming this year, we hope. See what they have, and what they have coming in our preview...

Double click on any of these to scroll through with your arrow keys...
You will see more on these newer releases from Hobbyboss Website, and some of the older releases right here on TMN if you use the search function - but stay tuned next year as we show you the sprues, markings and info on each of the newer kits as they are released.

Here are the all-new items that Hobbyboss says they will announce this yer - we will see throughout the year if they keep the promise!