Monday, February 13

Preview: New products from DioDump for February 2023

Dio Dump - a great diorama & aftermarket company from the Netherlands that always seems to come out with interesting & high quality scenery and accessories for the modeller looking to "make a scene". Today we take you through just some of their February new items in our preview...

New products from DioDump for February 2023

Dio Dump from The Netherlands has a bunch of new items out in February, with buildings and accessories as you will see here, to the many other diorama materials and sundries to better set the scene. Look below for just some of their latest creations...

Industrial chimney ruin 
From DioDump 
Kit No# DD212 
1:35th scale
Made from resin
Price: €24,95
A very nice eye-catcher for your industrial / factory battlefield diorama. Make sure to add lots of brick rubble (DD127) to create a realistic and spectacular scene.
Size (approx.): height: 17,3 cm -: Length7,2cm - Width: 7,2cm
Three resin parts (unpainted)
A mock up with the kit here and a T-34 in a faux war time setting..

Fire Wood shed
From DioDump 
Kit No# DD210 
1:35th scale
Made from resin
Price: €7,95
A nice addition to any rural building. Made from resin and supplied unassembled & unpainted, the sizes are (approx.): height: 7cm - width: 6cm - depth: 2cm.

Here is the pile painted up...
...And on the side of a building in its natural habitat.

Old Town Water Pump
From DioDump 
Kit No# DD208 
1:35th scale
Made from resin
Price: €19,95
A water pump was as common sight on many (European) town squares. This highly detailed scale model will be a great addition to any urban diorama or vignette.
The kit consists of resin + copper wire
Sizes (approx.): height: 16cm - width: 3cm - depth: 5cm
Unpainted and unassembled. Here is is painted up in detail...

Ukrainian village sign
From DioDump 
Kit No# DD207  
1:35th scale
Made from resin
Price: €24,95
This model is a replica of the sign at the edge of the village Shevchenkove ( Шевченково) in the Kharkov region.
It was originally painted in the Ukrainian flag colours (blue / yellow). After the Russian invasion early 2022, it was repainted in the Russian flag colours (white / blue / red). 
When Ukraine launched a counter offensive in September 2022. It then again was brought back to its original colour scheme.
Material: Plaster / laser cut wood / metal
Parts: 7 (+ metal rods)
Sizes (approx.): height: 17cm - length: 16cm - depth: 9cm
Unpainted and unassembled
Instructions included

From DioDump 
Kit No# DD16
8 pcs in resin
1/35th scale
Price: €7,95
These logs can be used as side armour on tanks, unditching logs or as a building material for fortifications, etc.
Size varies from 9 - 10cm.
Material: Resin (unpainted)
Basically scale 1:35, but also suitable for other scales.

Saint Anthony Statue
From DioDump 
Kit No# DD199
1:35th scale
Made from resin
Price: €8,95
Size including base approx.: 8,7cm.
Unpainted and unassembled.

Wooden guard tower
From DioDump 
Kit No# DD191
1:35th scale
Made from Balsa
Parts: 84 (+ corrugated aluminium roof)
Price: €18,95
This will be a fun build since it is a construction from real wood. Sizes (approx.): height: 20cm - width: 6,5 cm - depth: 6,5cm.
Detailed instructions included.

Middle East check point
From DioDump 
Kit No# DD190
1:35th scale
Made from resin
Size (approx.) 12,5 x 12,5 x 6,5cm
Price: €24,95
This multi-media kit contains one solid resin piece, balsa, corrugated aluminium sheets, a plaster road block and a small bag of desert stones.
The kit made and painted up to show you how it looks...
All of these products are now available directly from Dio Dump from their website...