Wednesday, March 1

Crew, tank & PAK make up MiniArt's latest release...

MiniArt continue to add new kits to their range by combining popular choices into a larger, diorama in a box type kit. This one is only missing a base and your groundwork. It is the "German artillery tractor T-60(r) & crew, towing a PaK40" in 35th scale, and it is in our preview...

Crew, tank & PAK make up MiniArt's latest release...

 German Artillery Tractor T-60(r) & Crew, Towing PaK40 Gun
From Miniart Models
Kit No #35395
1/35th scale

The subject: The T60 tank in German service:
By the summer of 1942, the T-60 was objectively weaker than most of the tanks opposing it. His booking was weak against the enemy’s long-barreled guns of 50 and 75 mm caliber. They were dangerous even for heavy KB tanks, so the crew’s attitude to the tank was not very good, it was often called the BM-2- (a mass grave for two), but some tankers considered the T-60 their favorite cars. They often gave them sonorous names -Orel-. “Terrible”, and small maneuverable cars were worthy of their names. To fight the enemy infantry, this was a very suitable tank. This did not stop the Germans using this tank in several roles, namely as an infantry support and prime mover for towing all sorts of goods, including towed guns.

A T-60 in German service tows a Pak AT gun
The tanks were used in many roles by the germans, including reconnaissance, but towing or schlepping were a favourite for this light, but tracked vehicle that had both range and cross country ability. Important on Russian roads in dust, mud, ice or snow.

T60 being used as a prime mover towing a PaK
Again, but this time in snow, the Germans using their captured asset.

The kit from MiniArt
This kit combines a few aspects of MiniArt's kits. The T60, which is well known to us, the PaK 40, which is a new kit, and five of MiniArt's German soldiers, a mix and match of several kits to make something very tempting to those wanting a diorama in a box.
The kit, of course, comes with photo-etched parts. We have made the T60, and it is an excellent kit. Minimal decals for a captured German version are included.
Here are the five figures, a driver and four others riding atop the tank.
Four marking / colour options are included in the kit. These are mostly camouflage, as there are little in actual national markings supplied.