Tuesday, March 28

Preview: MiniArt's 35th scale T-34/85 Plant 112. Spring 1944 kit.

MiniArt are not standing still on their T-34 variant releases. Today they have news of their Summer (to go along with the Spring variant) of T-34/85 from 112 plant in 1944. We look at the changes to the vehicle and the kit in our preview...

Preview: MiniArt's 35th scale T-34/85 Plant 112. Spring 1944 kit.

 T-34/85 Plant 112. Spring 1944
From MiniArt
Kit No #335379
1/35th scale
The Subject: The T-34/85 Plant 112 Spring 19844 Production tank:
This version of the T-34/85 from the 112 plant features the revised 1943 Production Turret with the new ZiS-S-53 gun and the "Type B" Roof with the commander's cupola moved back to provide more room for the gun mount and gunner. The vision slit above the pistol port on the left side is removed. (All T-34-85 turrets retained the vision slit on the right side throughout WWII). Also, the radio has now been moved to the turret and an aerial mount is just forward of the commander's cupola. 
The hulls for this series were much the same as hulls for the 1943 Production Turrets. The plug for the radio was still located on the hull side for at least some of the tanks, though no radio was carried there. Some pics show the extra fuel tank on the left in the forward position; others show it in the more standard rear position. Road wheels were again typically of the solid type, though single wheels, probably replacements, are sometimes seen in the half-finned style. One interesting item, though. Other references state this addition did not occur until the summer of 1944. This makes me wonder if this turret actually may have been in production until the summer of '44 or if the smoke system began to be added earlier than noted.

MiniArt's 35th scale T-34/85 Plant 112. Spring 1944.
MiniArt has already brought us a similar variant to this one, the Summer time production T-34/85's with the composite turret. One with a full interior, and one without:

This new kit from MiniArt: T-34/85 Composite Turret. 112 Plant. Summer 1944 Interior Kit.
MiniArt has added the details  of the Summer version of the 112 plant T-34 to this kit. This kit saves on the interior and gives us four options in marking choices along with some photo-etch for the smaller and thinner parts.
The photo-etch and the decals of the kit:
The CAD drawings of the kit showing off the features of this variant:
The four marking choices in the box from MiniArt: