Monday, March 20

Preview: Dr. Malcolm's love for flares puts him in a spot with Jurassic Park's T-Rex in 35th scale from X-Plus...

Known for their largely sci-fi kits, X-Plus is diverging into broader subjects. This 1/35th scale injection plastic diorama scene from Jurassic Park of the famous T-Rex chasing Dr. Malcolm with the flares is their latest kit. We look at the parts and the kit's features in our preview... 
Preview: Dr. Malcolm's love for flares puts him in a spot with Jurassic Park's T-Rex in 35th scale from X-Plus...

Jurassic Park T-Rex & Malcolm diorama 
From X-Plus
1/35th scale diorama
Kit Number: XPL-18
Plastic model kit (unassembled & unpainted)
Product length: approx. 38 cm, (approx. 42 cm including pedestal)
Due for release in July - available to pre-order now.
Recently X-Plus has diverged their product line into some interesting scales for the majority of scale modellers. A set which interested us recently was this, a 1/35th scale diorama of a famous scene from Jurassic Park - that of Ian Malcolm being chased by the mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex after he tried to distract attention from the kids in the overturned ford. A dynamic scent hat has been recreated in injection moulded plastic.

The famous scene in the original Jurassic Park...
We recently saw the first of this kit at Wonderfest earlier this year - this was just in plastic and unpainted (along with some upcoming Raptors) - but now, we see the whole scene in full colour...
The parts:
In order to reproduce the T-Rex's proportions and delicate details in plastic, the parts for the kit were designed into a few different sprues.

The parts in CAD showing the break down of the T-Rex
The figure is posed standing on one leg, a pose that is difficult to achieve with the heavier materials like PVC or poly resin! The thigh muscles contract as the T-Rex pulls its legs up, and the weight leans to one side, giving the figure the realistic feel of weight and motion!

From front on, you can see him standing on the one leg, body in motion...
Shown painted up by X-Plus' in house builders, you can see the chase scene in good detail. Dr Malcolm running with his flare held aloft -  the fence broken in the background and T-Rex chasing with mouth open.
Here is Dr Malcolm in close up, you can see his characteristic shirt open and the flare held aloft.
The difference in size between the two of them is evident here in the side view.
The whole roadside and kerb is included. No note on if the fence wire is included, but that is easy to replicate for the modeller.
From all angles the drama in the scene is apparent. We would like to source our own Ford Explorer, though!
Having this scene in 1/35th scale will make it so much more appealing to modern military modellers, who will see the crossover potential of a kit like this for a larger audience.

Better find a toilet for shelter Dr Malcolm!!
This kit is due for release in July, and at a pre-order price of $49.38 USD it is already available in Japanese model sites like the Hobbylink Japan Website.

To find out more about X-Plus Model's kits you can look on their website...