Friday, March 17

Preview: MiniArt's 35th scale StuH 42 Ausf.G Late Production kit.

Five marking choices & lots of features of the CAD drawings make up tour preview of MiniArt's StuH 42 Ausf.G. Late version. We look at the contents for you now...

Preview: MiniArt's 35th scale StuH 42 Ausf.G Late Production kit.

StuH 42 Ausf.G Late Production.
From MiniArt
Kit No #35355 
1/35th scale
The kit contains five marking choices in the box.
Photo-etch & clear parts are included
The Subject: The StuH 42 Ausf'G. Late Production.
The StuH 42, SdKfz 142/2, or Sturmhaubitze 42 (StuH: Sturmhaubitze (assault howitzer) was a self-propelled gun that was used by Germany during World War II. Only about 1,300 StuH 42s were produced and were based on the StuG III F/8 and G models. The StuH 42 was first developed in 1942 when the need for an anti-infantry support vehicle was needed and the production of StuGs was in full force. It only seemed logical to convert this already battle-tested and readily available chassis into a specialist vehicle and because many features were carried over, development time was cut short just in time for the Battle of Kursk where around seventy StuHs fought. They continued in both the Western and Eastern Front until the end of the war. In the end, around 1,200 were produced.

StuH 42 No. 308, after September 1944, without the muzzle brake

The kit's features:
This kit features an accurately depicted driver's compartment and fighting compartment with full ammunition. All of the hatches can be modelled in open or closed positions, and the transmission compartment is accurately represented.

The sprues of the kit
A full engine included also. The tracks are the workable type and clear parts are also included for the transparent parts like the opticals in the cupolas. Photo-etch of course, is included in the kit.

Some 3D renders of the kit from every angle showing these features
The sideskits can be put on or left off in your desired configuration.

Decal sheet for five options
A decal sheet for five marking options is included in the kit. There are also two photo-eth sheets, one for the tank, and the other completing the sideskirts, which can be applied as a whole or in single parts. Grilles and other parts are included in etch also.
The five options are shown inside the box in full colour profiles, which make them easier to paint.