Wednesday, April 5

Italeri's Maclaren launches off the grid in the form of the McLaren MP42C in 12th scale in June...

Italeri are making a 1/12th scale kit dedicated to the F1 legend McLaren MP4 2C. Two marking choices, photo-etch, plastic & vinyl make up this kit which we see built up in our preview...

Italeri's Maclaren launches off the grid in the form of the McLaren MP42C in 12th scale in June...

McLaren MP4 2C
From Italeri
1/12th Scale
Kit No. #4711
Photoetch, plastic & Vinyl parts included
Two colour choices included in the box
Due in May
Price: TBA
Italeri has release images and graphic of their completely new mould 1/12th scale  McLaren MP4 2C. The kit will follow in the footsteps of their other large scale cars in that it will have a high level of details, some colourful markings, and that it will be easy to build and super detail. 

The Subject: The McLaren MP4 2C
The McLaren MP4/2 was one of the most successful racing cars in formula 1 history, securing the most victories in the history the sport. In 1985, the MP4/2B made its debut equipped with a TAG Porsche engine, enhanced by two superchargers capable of attaining 850hp and displaying aerodynamic designs less showy than the previous cars, and which were also compliant with the evolving new regulations of the period. The project’s engineering and design achievements were ratified by victory in the constructors’ and drivers’ world championships, due in equal measure to the extraordinary talent of driver Alain Prost. 

Keke Rosberg shown driving his McLaren MP4/2C during the '86 Monaco GP. (one of the choices of decals of this kit.
In 1986, the project was further enhanced by the MP4/2C version and Alain Prost was again confirmed as world champion. During this new season he was joined by another great Formula 1 talent, the Finn Keke Rosberg. The McLaren MP4/2 has a special place in the hearts and minds of Formula 1 enthusiasts and fans, winning three drivers' championships and two constructors' championships.

The 1986 car of Alain Prost (No#1) is also an option of this kit...

The new kit from Italeri of the McLaren MP4 2C in 1/12th scale:
The kit will have a high level of details. Here some key features of the new McLaren MP4 2C: detailed suspension, highly detailed engine, rubber tires, photoetched parts, removable body cowlings.
The photoetch that comes with the kit, replicating the thinner parts
We can see partial image of the two decal sheets. The fires showing the outside of the car - some of the cigarette livery is blurred out (only in the photo and box art).
On top of the livery, there is a decal sheet devoted to the mesh & carbon fibre textured areas of the car.
The Rosberg & Prost cars from the 1986 championship are the marking choices:
We can see the built up model below (by Italeri's model makers) - hinting at how close it is to being on sale. We can see a lot of the details of the kit in here. First under the skin...
Then, with the covers in place. Again, the cigarette sponsoring is not shown in this version, we think because of the ban on ciggie advertising. The driver's pit...
A larger walk around...
The kit will be released in May.

You can get Italeri's kits from Italeri directly from their website or from their distributors worldwide.