Saturday, April 1

Preview: Italeri's April releases in art, sprues & colours...

Four releases are due in April from Italeri. We look at their Leo I, M3A1, a colourful Viper & "easy" Porsche kits in artwork, sprues, parts & decal/marking choices in our preview...

Preview: Italeri's April releases in art, sprues & colours

Porsche Carrera RSR Turbo
Kit No #3625
1/24th scale
Model Dim. 20,0 cm
"Easy Kit" - minimal parts for an easy construction. 
- Super Decals Sheet For 2 Versions 
- Colour Instruction Sheet
The Porsche 911 Turbo Carrera RSR was built in 1974 in four specimens to take part in the racing season of the World Constructors Championship. Thus it was possible to witness the participation of the factory with one and sometimes two cars under the colors of the Martini Racing Team, and entrusted to the official crews Muller - van Lennep and Koinigg - Schurti. Despite having almost equal power (about 500 hp) to that of rival cars, the Porsches did not have the lightness or handling of the latter, which ran in the Prototype category.

The colour/marking choices in this kit
The decal sheet is included .
However, a fortunate combination of speed and reliability made it possible to achieve respectable results in the nine races on the calendar, including two second places: one at the 24 Hours of Le Mans and one at the 6 Hours of Watkins Glen.

The sprues & parts of the kit...
Transparent parts
vinyl tyres included

M3A1 Scout Car
kit no #7063
1/72nd scale
-Decals For 4 Versions 
- Coloured Instruction Sheet
- Contains 2 Figures
Model Dim. 7,8 cm
The White Motor Company began its study and development of the M3 in 1938 to supply the United States Army with an armoured reconnaissance vehicle. Equipped with a 6 cylinder 110 Hp Hercules JXD petrol fuelled engine, it could reach a maximum speed of 81 Km/h. Equipped with four-wheel drive, it was used for patrol, reconnaissance and command post. The vehicle could carry up to 8 men and was armed with a 12.7 mm Browning M2 machine gun plus two more Browning 7.7 mm machine guns on the sides. It was first used in the Philippines campaign in 1941.

The colour/ marking choices in this kit
The decal sheet is included .
Used in North Africa and in Sicily, it was replaced during the war, for advanced exploration tasks, by the more modern M8 Greyhound. Besides being used by the American Army, it was used as well by the Armed Forces of England, France and by some divisions of the Red Army who used it on the Eastern front to pull 76 mm ZIS-3 cannons.

The sprues & parts of the kit...

F-16C Fighting Falcon
Kit no#2825
1/48th scale
Model Dim. 31,5 cm
New Parts 
- Super Decals Sheet For 6 Versions 
- Colour Instruction Sheet
The F-16 Fighting Falcon, produced by the American company General Dynamics since the late '70s, is a real icon of the military aviation history. It was originally developed, according the United States Air Force need, to provide a modern and effective single-seat air superiority day fighter. However the project has progressively evolved and created an all-weather multirole aircraft able to have an extraordinary operational flexibility The F-16 is characterized by an original design easily recognizable by the frameless bubble canopy, which guarantees great visibility to the pilot.

The colour/ marking choices in this kit
The decal sheet is included .
The F-16 adopted innovative solutions such as the side-mounted control stick, the "fly-by-wire" control system and modern avionics to enhance flight and combat performances. Appreciated by the pilots for its great manoeuvrability and reliability, the “Fighting Falcon” is armed with a 20mm M61 Vulcan internal cannon. Thanks to its hard points and location, it can mount a huge range of offensive weapons as missiles and bombs. The F-16 has been adopted by a lot of air forces around the World and used, often with great effectiveness, in several operational theatres.

The sprues & parts of the kit...

Kit No #6481
1/35th scale
Glue able rubber tracks
 - Decals for 4 versions 
- Colour instruction sheet
Model Dim. 27,3 cm
The Leopard 1 tank which entered into service in the mid1960s, formed the backbone of the Armoured Corps of Federal Germany and of several NATO Countries during the "Cold War" period. The Leopard’s battle role was of paramount importance, as it was at the forefront in engaging the overwhelming number of tanks that could be deployed by the armies of the Warsaw Pact. It was armed with the reliable 105mm L7 gun which was capable of using different types of ammunition.

The colour/ marking choices in this kit
The decal sheet included .
The A5 version was a significant improvement with the adoption of a modified turret capable of housing the new computerized target identification and fire control systems. Composite armour plates made of polycarbonate were also added and which significantly increased the protection and resistance from enemy ‘hits’.

The sprues & parts of the kit...