Monday, May 22

Preview: 1/35th scale Hetzer crew, 1945 from Stalingrad Miniatures...

The cold winters of 1944 & 1945 are the setting for Stalingrad Miniatures two new Hetzer crew in 1/35th scale. We have some images of the tankers & the real things from those two last cold winters of WWII in our preview...

Preview: 1/35th scale Hetzer crew, 1945 from Stalingrad Miniatures...

Stalingrad Miniatures have been busy making a new crew to place atop your new Hetzer (Jagdpanzer 38t for the purists) from a period late in WWII.  These two come JUST in time to match Takom's three new (full Interior) Hetzers in the same scale. We look at both of these figures in the set in our preview today.

Hetzer crew, 1945
Kit No# 3235
1/35th scale
Two figures in light grey resin in one set
Sculpted & box art by Alexander Zelenkov
Not a massive release this time from Stalingrad Miniatures, but no less of a quality one - in two half bodied figures to suit your 1/35th scale Hetzer. The two hatches of the tank will fill up nicely with these two tankers, seen in very warm winter clothing atop their mount. 

a photo with a Hetzer in winter, it's commander in that thick, reversible smock and M43 cap.
Brought into use towards the end of the war, these figures gear suits the Hetzers you see in this picture below, from the Nordland SS Division, tankers out of their hatches, but also giving Fallschirmjägers of the 25th regiment around December 1944.
The figures: 
These two half body figures are provided in light grey resin, unassembled and unpainted, and they represent two crew, which look like us to be commander and crewman. Seen sitting outside their hatches on the tank roof..

The figures shown here in bare resin but assembled...
Painted up, you can see them and their gear in better detail. The tanker pointing is seen in a reversible smock with the hood over his M43 cap, keeping his head warm. The other soldier, who looks like the tank commander (with the pips on his  epaulettes). He is wearing the same peaked cap, favoured by tankers latter in the war. He also wears a thick coat - either a tailor made leather number, or a thick woollen great coat. You can see his 6x30 powered binoculars on his chest.
Another view of the two tankers - you can see in the wrinkles of both of their jackets how the sculptor Alexander Zelenkov has differentiated between the thinner, reversible smock on one of the men and the thicker coat on the officer.
These figures are sold together as a single set, and they are available right now - check these out and all of Alexander's other works at the Stalingrad Website: