Monday, May 15

Preview: A bridge to cross & support from home in Masterbox new kits of May/June 2023

Masterbox has two new sets for modellers to take on in May/June. A post-apocalyptic setting of a bridge crossing, plus a setting of peace with a furry friend on the front are the two themes. We look at them in our preview...

Preview: A bridge to cross & support from home in Masterbox new kits of May/June 2023

"Russian-Ukrainian War series, kit № 7. News from home"
From Masterbox
Kit No #35224
Two figure (+ 1 pussy-cat) set
1/35th Scale
Kit 35230 continues the series of kits dedicated to the Russian-Ukrainian war. The kit contains a sprue with parts for assembling two soldiers of the Ukrainian army and one figure of a cat. The fighters are enjoying a short respite, looking through the news from home on their smartphones, their companion - a stray cat.
Some cats or dogs have become one of the mascots of units in this war. Many of these animals, who lost their homes and their owners, find shelter often at the positions of the Ukrainian military. 
They become excellent comrades and excellent psychologists, as they contribute quite effectively to the removal, although partially, of the consequences of the titanic psychological burden that the fighters bear.

"Pоst-apocalyptic series. The Last Bridge."
From Masterbox
Kit No #24078
Two figure set
1/24th Scale
Kit 24078 continues new series of kits dedicated to the post-apocalyptic subject in 1/24 scale. The creation of the Last Bridge figures series was based on a simple plot: The global environmental disaster and then broken out war "all against all" changed sharply the appearance of the Planet. The values formed for centuries disappeared. Diverse gangs began to attack weak groups of refugees and Chaos came.
But people strive always to create order where there is no order. A delicate balance came in the merciless struggle between Chaos and Order, and then the Legend was born. The Legend is about the Last Bridge, beyond which there is still a place where people live peacefully, happily and do not need anything. But no one knows where this bridge is, but one thing is clear: wherever it is, the path to it is far and deadly.

And then three vagabonds who met by chance - Vadim, Nadezhda (Hope) and Splinter - joined forces and went on a hopeless journey in search of a dream.
The kit consists of three sprues with parts for assembling four figures and is a mix of the kits that were released previously: 24075, 24076 and 24077.
These figures tell the story of the group of four on their way to safety. If you do not have a bridge or do not want it as part of your story, a desolate road or abandoned trail would be just as good a setting.

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