Wednesday, May 10

Preview: Das Werk's 1/35th scale Schwimmwagen Trippel SG 6/38

Das Werk's 1/35th scale Schwimmwagen Trippel SG 6/38 has been a popular subject with modellers. Today, new information on this kit flushes out the colours & details of the kit. See more about it in our preview...

Preview: Das Werk's 1/35th scale Schwimmwagen Trippel SG 6/38

Schwimmwagen Trippel SG 6/38
From Das Werk
Kit No #DW35012
1/35th scale
Injection moulded plastic kit.
Photo-etch parts included
Markings for five vehicles in the box.
Price: 32.95€ from the MBK website
Named after its creator, Hans Trippel, in 1935 Hans Trippel started his work on amphibious vehicles. His swimming cars were developed for civilian use, for expeditions or vacations. The German Wehrmacht got interested and ordered a military variant of the Trippel SG-6. The Schwimmwagen Trippel SG 6 had a top speed of 95 km/h on land and 14.5 km/h in water.
The SG-6 Pioneer had a car body broadened to two meters and doors in the sides. Up to 16 soldiers could be carried. This type was propelled by a 2.5 litres Opel engine.
A Trippel SG 6 is said to have been ready for viewing by the designer of the VW Type 166, Ferdinand Porsche. After the construction of various test specimens, the production of the Trippel SG 6 began in 1937. When the Bugatti plant fell under German rule due to the French campaign in 1940 and the Ministry of Armaments acquired Bugatti's plant, triple vehicles were also mass-produced there. The SG6 was revised again and continued to produce as SG 6/41. The less elegantly shaped pioneer version remained in production next to the SG 6/41 until 1943.
The SG / 6 was powered by an Opel engine with a displacement of 2.5 l. The chassis had all-wheel drive and independent suspension and the propeller was unfolded from the interior.

The new kit from Das Werk:
This newly-tooled kit, fully conceived & designed in cooperation with the crew at Bold Division. The 35th scale kit differs a lot from the other small "wagens" that dominate the market with its rounded body shape. There are five marking choices provided, and there are plastic, plus transparent and photo-etch included. The interior is (of course) precisely replicated also.

Kit features:
Correct shaped rounded main body as you can see on the CAD drawings from Das Werk.
Complete crew compartment interior
Transparent & PE-Parts included for the smaller / finer parts of the kit
five marking options included from the SS, Wehrmacht, and Luftwaffe vehicles
The decal sheet that comes with this kit...
This kit is slated for a late June release. Price: 32.95€ from the MBK website
Check out more information at this link on the Das Werk Website