Wednesday, June 7

First test kit shots of Revell's 24th scale N1 Starfighter

We are getting our first glimpse of the new 1/24th scale N1 Starfighter from the Mandalorian series in these test kit build shots from Revell. See what you think about the kit so far in our preview...
First test kit shots of Revell's 24th scale N1 Starfighter

The Mandalorian: N1 Starfighter
From Revell
Product number: 06787
1/24th scale
Number of parts: 90
Length: 455 mm
RRP: 60 € 
The modified N-1 Starfighter of Din Djarin
“Do you have any idea what this is? This is an N-1 starfighter, handmade for the royal guard and commissioned personally by the Queen of Naboo.”
Din Djarin's N-1 starfighter first appeared in "Chapter 5: Return of the Mandalorian," in "The Book of Boba Fett". The designer of the ship, Doug Chiang, originally designed the N-1 starfighter for Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace. The idea of building a customized version of a vehicle with speed modifications in a garage with a mechanic was inspired by the film American Graffiti.
The N-1 was modified by Djarin and Motto in order to increase speed. The under-slung torpedo launcher beneath the starfighter's nose was kept, while both laser cannons were upgraded to larger variants. In addition, neither engine's front cones were present, but Motto had at least one on each of its front wings. The panels at the spacecraft's tail and below the cockpit were removed during the remodelling procedure, leaving only the skeleton of the ship. In order for a starship to access its induction intake charger and achieve blinding speeds, Motto added a Kineso-switch. Motto also took out the astromech socket, citing Djarin's dislike of droids.
A turbonic venturi power assimilator from a starfighter from the time of the Galactic Republic was installed in place of the ship's vapor manifold. Motto built an induction intake charger for the thrust capacitor, and the rear thruster received a Pyke repulsortrain-derived cryogenic density combustion booster. With the exception of a few stripes that resembled the Razor Crest on each wing, all of the yellow paint was erased.
The Kit:
Revell has posted the first pictures of their test kit prototype of the N1 Starfighter model kit from the third season of the popular Star Wars series - The Mandalorian. 
The kit comes in 1/24th scale, with ninety (90) highly detailed pieces that show the modifications of the N1 starfighter with it's almost skeletal, stripped down appearance. 
The kit includes a multi-part fuselage, separate engines and clear parts that enhance the design. In addition, the kit includes a pilot figure and a display to showcase your masterpiece. There is an extra seat for the popular figure Grogu.
Keep an eye on TMN & Revell's Website for more information on this kit...