Friday, June 16

Massive, but in small scale, Meng's new Y-20 Transport Aircraft 1/300th scale

Meng's recent push into the modern Chinese air force's machines sees a new model in a smaller scale than what we are used to. The Y-20 Transport Aircraft in 1/300th scale is the subject of our preview today...

 Massive, but in small scale, Meng's new Y-20 Transport Aircraft 1/300th scale

 Y-20 Large Multipurpose Transport Aircraft
1/300th scale
Kit No #MH-003-3
Dimensions: 147mm l/ 150mm w/ 100mm h
Plastic kit includes a stand.
The Subject: China's Y-20 Transport Aircraft
The Y-20 made its first flight in 2013, becoming China the fourth country in the world, after the United States, Russia, and Ukraine, to produce a 200-ton military freight jet. This design is not only a milestone in progress for China's national defence industry, but also for their programs of constant industrial and military modernisation.
The Third prototype (S/N 783)
The aircraft's official code name is "Kunpeng", after the fabled bird of ancient China that can fly thousands of kilometres. Inside the Chinese aviation business, the aircraft is most generally known as Chubby Girl, a nickname given by military fans to the aircraft due to its comparatively large fuselage.

People's Liberation Army Air Force Y-20 transport aircraft.
The Y-20's carrying capacity at approximately sixty tonnes, is said to be greater than that of Russia's Ilyushin Il-76. The engines, aerodynamic arrangement, and combat performance of the Y-20 outperforms those of the Russian aircraft. Because of its lengthy flight period and range, the cargo jet can be utilised to supply special operations platforms. The Y-20 is also a suitable candidate for marine detection, early warning and disaster relief.
Future improvements will rely not just on the Y-20, but also on other military cargo jets that China may create in the years to come.

The kit from Meng:
This latest model from Meng is the 1/300th scale Y-20 Large Multipurpose Transport Aircraft, made from injection moulded plastic.
The finished model is about 147mm long, 150mm wide and 100mm high when completed. The kit includes a stand to depict the aircraft in flight. 
The exterior features and details of the real aircraft are accurately reproduced. It comes with an exclusive stand.
The engine details and the markings on the fuselage of Y-20 are accurately represented.

The belly and landing gear details are excellently replicated.

You can see more of Meng's kits on their website.