Friday, June 30

Preview: Galaxy Models new range of 3D printed pilots in 48th scale

Known previously for their great modelling tools & painting masks. Galaxy Model are dipping their toes into the world of 3-D printed releases. A bunch of 1/48th scale pilots of modern jets are their first subjects. We look at them in our preview...

Preview: Galaxy Models new range of 3D printed pilots in 48th scale
From Galaxy Models
1/48th scale
Release date: TBA (soon)
Galaxy Model have made several new figures to suit your modern US (or maybe similar western) fighter jets. These are 3-D printed, and come singularly in 1/48th scale. We are not sure yet if these will be made in different scales (we don't see why not) Here are the initial range below.
Sold as singles in a box, you can see the 3-D connections, designed to be removed easily.
Below you see some aspects of the figures. Each of the figures includes a precise colour guide so you can choose the correct shades for your fast jet pilot.
Here are six of the range, painted up and placed conveniently next to a (1/1 scale) 1 Euro coin to show you the size and detail.
Now for what we all want to see, the pilots near the "real" thing. US Navy jets in 1/48th scale showing you how they fit in to the scene.
Finally, a gallery of the figures on a mock up of any US Navy deck. We think these could be used on many western and NATO jets. Most of the details will fit a modern fast jet scenario.
Galaxy Model products can be readily purchased on eBay, from Hobbylink Japan, the 48thers in Europe, or foreign (non-Chinese resident) customers can also buy Galaxy products directly using PayPal via email at