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Preview: MiniArt's " U.S. Tank Crew NW Europe. Special Edition"...

MiniArt has updated and improved a previous set of much needed U.S. Tank Crews from the Northwest European theatre in WWII in their latest set. See what has been updated in our preview...

Preview: MiniArt's " U.S. Tank Crew NW Europe. Special Edition"...

U.S. Tank Crew NW Europe. Special Edition
From MiniArt
Kit No #35359
1/35th scale
The box contains four figures of German tank riders.
For those of you that had missed out, or for those of you who just want an American tank crew from the winter in late WWII your time is here. MiniArt have re-released and improved an earlier set of "U.S. Tank Crew NW Europe" in their latest figure special edition.

The kit contents:
Inside this kit you will get two sprues for the figures, making five in total. These are the same figures as we same in the earlier (now discontinued) release. These include of course the figures, and some limited number of personal equipment for each tanker. 
For this special edition you get three extra sprues filled with the weapons and equipment of tankers, including pistols, binoculars on this small sprue.
M1 steel helmets, entrenching tools, knives and bayonets, water flasks and packs are on this larger sprue of general equipment.
The padded tanker's helmets are of course included, tanker's goggles, "grease guns" and the spare ammo pouches are also on this sprue.
An illustrated painting guide (if you like) of the new and extra gear in this special edition.
A great part of this kit are the decals for the soldiers, division triangles, stripes and lettering are included which would help the figure modeller.
This kit will most probably be released in next month. We hope to get one to put together for you.

You can see more about this kit on the MiniArt Website...

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