Wednesday, June 7

Updated Preview: 35th scale KAMAZ Typhoon-K w/RP-377VM1 & Arbalet-DM RCWS Module "2-in1"boxart from Takom...

The large, armoured Typhoon K of the Russian army is with Takom in a second edition in 1/35th scale. This one coming as a two in one kit with the w/RP-377VM1 & Arbalet-DM RCWS Modules. We look at the Typhoon, the modules & the kit's new details in our preview...

Updated Preview: 35th scale KAMAZ Typhoon-K w/RP-377VM1 & Arbalet-DM RCWS Module "2-in1"boxart from Takom...

KAMAZ Typhoon-K w/RP-377VM1 & Arbalet-DM RCWS Module "2-in1"
From Takom
Kit No: 5020
1/35th scale
Photo-etch included
The Kamaz Typhoon K with either w/RP-377VM1 & Arbalet-DM RCWS Module
The Typhoon multipurpose vehicle project was jointly developed by the KamAZ and Ural. The main distinguishing feature of the project is the modularity of the design, thanks to which a family of wheeled vehicles is built on the common chassis. It is known about two variants of the family of Typhoon vehicles - Typhoon-K armoured vehicles and Typhoon-U universal tactical trucks. Vehicles of the Typhoon series are equipped with an independent hydropneumatic suspension.
KAMAZ-63968 is vehicle of MRAP category (Mine Resistant Ambush Protected). It is a truck with mine protection V-shaped armour, which protects against small arms and splinters. It was first demonstrated in 2010. KAMAZ-63968 has a frame-modular design with a central engine arrangement. It is powered by turbodiesel YaMZ-5367 450 hp. The transmission is 6x6/4 configuration (the front and middle axles are controlled). 
Crew - 2 people, troops - 16 people. The curb weight is 21 000 kg, the total weight is 24 000 kg. The maximum speed is 80 km/h, maximum range is 630 km. The fuel consumption is not more than 35 l/100 km.
The Arbalet complex based on the Kamaz Typhoon K detects and recognises a typical target with a narrow field of view at a range of at least 2500 metres. There is also a thermal imaging sighting camera with a range of detection and target recognition of at least 1500 metres. 
The module is armed with a 12.7mm Kord machine gun, the ammunition of which is up to 450 shots. The weight of the Arbalet-DM complex is no more than 250 kg.

KAMAZ-63968 Typhoon-K with remotely controlled Arbalet-DM
The RP-377VM1 is a lightweight, compact radio wave jammer that can be mounted on small vehicles. It is widely used on existing light vehicles, as well as on state-of-the-art vehicles such as the Typhoon K. 
RP-377VM1 in some detail and complete.

The kit from Takom:
The up-gunned version of their earlier Russian MRAP KAMAZ-63968 Typhoon K kit. This version also comes in 1/35th scale, and is a two-in one kit. Meaning that you can make either the RP-377VM1 RP-377VM1 Radio Fuze Jammer or the Arbalet-DM RCWS Module designed for engagement of manpower and weapons of the enemy, as well as vehicles and aerial targets on your kit - your choice.
The features of this kit are:
- The Arbalet-DM RCWS module with 23-mm AP-23 automatic gun & RP-377VM1 compact radio wave jammer are included.
- The interior is included in this kit - only the engine is not included.
- The kit's wheels are movable, we do not know if they turn however - 
-  Clear parts and photo etch is included
- Only one marking choice is included - we are guessing Russian Green?

That is all we have on this kit for now - keep tuned here for more info. You can see more about Takom's kits on their website or on their Facebook page