Thursday, July 6

Preview: AK Interactive's new items for July....

AK Interactive have paint & figure set, new wargaming washes, deep shades, an SS camo book to rule them all plus some technical riders that are all new this month. We look at them in our preview....
Preview: AK Interactive's new items for July....

 Price: 44,95€
With this Sergio Vilches signature set you will be able to emulate the colour formulas of one of the most talented and renowned painters of the moment.
Includes 14 3Gen colours chosen by the artist and the miniature Shimbarashe, an anthropomorphic warrior designed on a Champion 30mm scale, with a real size of 48mm, exclusive edition for this set by Yedharo Models.
Despite being specialized in larger busts and figures, with world-renowned box arts, Sergio demonstrates in this set that he is also a master at painting smaller scales with only 14 reference colours.

The figure in the set as it is shipped
3Gen paints are currently top rated by painters around the world. His formula contains pigments of great purity and high concentration to obtain more vivid colours and a perfect finish in any type of project.

The painted up figure - something you could achieve with a lot of practice and what is inside the box.

1/35th SCALE
 Price: 12,95€
This reference contains four highly detailed, ready to assemble, 1/35 scale figures depicting typical crewmen of light combat vehicles participating in conflicts in the Middle East or North Africa during the last few decades.
Their dynamic poses make them perfect complement for any type of scene or diorama.
They have been developed with the AK-Interactive FJ43 kits in mind, but will be equally useful for many other different vehicle kits available in 1/35 scale.

 Price: 3,75€ each or large set of all washes for 52,50€
Washing is the application of a diluted paint in an area, crevice, nook or contour to define and
highlight that area. Unlike a filter, the paint is more concentrated. These techniques for defining models and figures are easier and more effective than thinned acrylic paints, especially on large surfaces, as they dry too quickly, can leave the dreaded rims and flow less in difficult areas due to the surface tension of the water.
The shades of the washes are usually dark but vary depending on the sought after effect and the colour on which they are applied. In addition, these effects can be mixed and blended to obtain customized variations according to the modeler's taste. AK's Wargame range of washes is designed for fantasy and science fiction themed models, where the chromatic combinations make the difference on the gaming tables

 Price: 3,75€ each
Whether we need to work the effects or thin a paint, it is necessary to have a quality thinner at hand. The difference between a quality thinner and a regular thinner is the aggressiveness on the surface of the paint and the subtlety of finishes. This thinner of mineral origin is ultra soft and is lightly scented to avoid strong odours in poorly ventilated spaces. It is also recommended for cleaning tools and brushes after using enamel type paint.

 Price: 4,65€ each or 46,50€ for the set of ten units
Deep Shades are formulated to obtain simple and fast shading on small scale miniatures, while maintaining an overall matte finish. They make the painting of miniature armies easy and efficient, allowing to us work in three simple steps: Base-Deep Shade-Light. They are formulated with micro-dispersed pigments (less than one micron) in pure acrylic resins to slightly tint the volumes and accentuate the contrast of the shadows where the product accumulates.
The product presents a perfect balance between fluidity and viscosity, the latter being superior to enamel washes to facilitate the retention of the pigment in the folds and nooks, an essential issue when working on figures that usually keep a vertical position. They have a perfect grip and resistance. Once dry, they do not reactivate with water or with their own medium.

The different wash colours shown here...
It is recommended not to wet the areas of application in order not to slow down the drying time. It is advisable to apply two light coats in case you want to deepen the effect.  It is recommended to use its own medium (AK13010) in case you need more transparency or want to reduce the contrast.

SKU: AK130008
English. 388 pages. 
Hard cover.
Price: 75€
This reference work provides a nice chronological overview of the camouflaged uniforms of the Waffen-SS in the period from 1936 to 1945.
This book is intended for military modelers, developers of military history games, militaria collectors, historians and readers interested in military history and camouflage in general.
The book begins with the history of Waffen-SS camouflage and how Prof. Dr. Otto Schick observed nature before developing his dramatic and unique camouflage patterns.
It shows the special rank insignia designed to distinguish officers and non-commissioned officers without disturbing the camouflage effect.
A schematic overview presents every uniform piece that ever existed in Waffen-SS camouflage, with the starting date of the different patterns that appeared on each specific uniform piece.
Full-colour photographs show all major SS camouflage patterns in detail on both their autumn and spring sides. All the colours used are described in detail.
The 388 pages of this book contain 1095 colour photos of original Waffen-SS camouflage pieces, 160 original black-and-white photos and 3 original colour photos. Some of the original pieces and original photos in this book are published for the very first time, including the original camouflage coverall of a well-known Knight’s Cross holder!

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