Friday, August 25

1/35th scale MRZR D4 Ultra-light Tactical All-terrain Vehicle from Magic Factory burst on the scene...

To match their modern warfare themed kits of the Bradley, drones & robot dogs, Magic Factory have presented a new dual combo (2 kits in the one box) of the MRZR D4 Ultra-light Tactical All-terrain Vehicle of the US armed forces. See what this vehicle & the kit is all about in our preview...

1/35th scale MRZR D4 Ultra-light Tactical All-terrain Vehicle from Magic Factory burst on the scene...

MRZR D4 Ultra-light Tactical All-terrain Vehicle
Dual combo kit (2 kits in the one box)
From Magic Factory
1/35th scale
Plastic kits
Kit no. 2005
Magic Factory Facebook & Website
The subject: MRZR D4 Ultra-light Tactical All-terrain Vehicle
The Polaris MRZR 4 is 4-seater variation of the MRZR 2. This incredibly light all-terrain vehicle was a huge success. The US Special Operations Command (USSOCOM), the US Marine Corps, and special forces from a number of other nations, including Turkmenistan, all employ it. Additionally, there is a tendency towards conventional forces acquiring similar tiny, mobile, and adaptable all-terrain vehicles.
Designed for expeditionary armies, they enable foot soldiers to move much more quickly. When compared to HMMWVs, MRZRs are a whole different breed of vehicle. The forward locations are where these all-terrain vehicles are stationed. Because the MRZRs lack armour, they must rely on their speed and great off-road mobility to evade hostile contact. They have the ability to go on off-road paths inaccessible to hostile vehicles. The MRZRs are comparable to quick off-road mules.
Three passengers and the driver can ride in the MRZR 4. The crew is safeguarded by anti-roll bars in case the car rolls over. These safety bars can be folded down to lower the vehicle's overall height. A thin canvas cover is not required. The MRZR 4 may be readily modified for a variety of missions, including casualty evacuation or the transportation of supplies and troops. a tiny cargo bay at the back that can be utilised to transport crew equipment as well as different supplies including fuel, water, and ammo. Extra passengers may be transported in the cargo compartment in an emergency. Two litters can be swiftly configured to fit in the cargo space. As an alternative, two rearward-facing seats are suggested.

The LMADIS counter-drone system mounted on a Polaris MRZR vehicle
The Canadian Army ordered 36 vehicles plus 12 tactical trailers with an option for additional vehicles in 2016, while the US Marine Corps ordered 144 of these vehicles for their expeditionary troops.

The Kit: Magic Factory's MRZR D4 Ultra-light Tactical All-terrain Vehicle dual boxing
Supplied in a 2 in 1 (two kits in the one box) this new kit from Magic Factory features two 1/35th scale MRZR D4 Ultra-light Tactical All-terrain Vehicles. 
One with, and the other without a trailer. You see, you can build one as a regular armored MRZR D4 vehicle with a cargo trailer, and the other as an anti-drone MRZR D4.
All of the equipment & armament is included...
A full chassis and armoured hull is conveyed in plastic for the modeller.
The length of armored MRZR D4 with cargo trailer is about 18.3cm and anti-drone version MRZR D4 is bout 11.7cm.
The suspension with dual trailing arm details is replicated precisely, with metal shock absorbing springs are provided.
The regular armored version can be transformed to anti-drone version by adding modules including finely detailed early-warning radar, electronic device operation platform and power supply.
As a bonus, the kit also contains weapons of Magic Factory item no.2003, allowing the armored transportation version to be presented with full weapons load out for the crew.
We do not have a release date on this kit yet, but we will let you know more as soon as we do.
You can find out more about these and their other kits on the Magic Factory Facebook & Website