Friday, August 18

Meng's 1/48th scale J-20 Veyron now (officially) on the way...

After a soft launch in their domestic market, Meng is in the final development of the PLAAF's J-20, in 1/48th scale for the international release. New CAD details show us some of the features of the forthcoming kit. We show you what we know in our preview...

Meng's 1/48th scale J-20 Veyron now (officially) on the way...

Chinese J-20 Stealth Fighter "Veyron"
From Meng
Kit No # LS-002
1/48th scale
Model Length 438mm / Wingspan 270mm / Height 97mm
Price: $84 USD on the Hobbylink Japan Website
The Subject: Chengdu J-20 “Mighty Dragon,”
Chengdu J-20 “Mighty Dragon,” which descended from Beijing’s J-XX program of the 1990s. Originally designed as an air superiority fighter with precision strike capability by Chengdu Aerospace Corporation (CAC) — China’s second-largest fighter production base — the Mighty Dragon is actually the world’s third operation “fifth-generation” fighter aircraft after the United States F-22 Raptor and F-35 Lightning II.
J-20, which has been officially adopted by the PLAAF, is noted for its canard-delta configuration, blended fuselage with low radar cross-section, and large canted twin tails. It is equipped with two large internal weapon bays for long-range and air-to-air missiles. The J-20 also has two small side bays that can hold short-range air-to-air missiles. It can reportedly carry more fuel and weapons than the F-22 Raptor.
The J-20 is able to carry six missiles, including four medium- or long-range air-to-air missiles in its main bay and one smaller short-range missile in each of its two lateral bays. The wings also hold four hardpoints that have been used to carry external fuel canisters during peacetime operations. The load-out is fitting for engagement from long standoff ranges, suiting the J-20s its stealth capabilities, and without an internal canon it is unlikely to be used in short-range dogfighting.

Chengdu J-20 displaying weapon bays, missiles, and avionics during an airshow, China in 2018.
Though the F-20 was the world’s first non-American stealth fighter, there were those in the U.S. and even Russia that accused Beijing of stealing design elements. It is easy to see elements of the F-22 in the J-20’s design, while it also evolved from a strike aircraft to an air superiority fighter. No one knows for sure. But we do know that it is the most advances Stealth platform in the PLA right now.

With its current powerplant, the J-20 is believed to have a top speed of Mach 2.0

The new kit from Meng: Chinese J-20 Stealth Fighter "Veyron" from Meng
WE have updated information on the forthcoming kit from Meng of the J-20 in 1/48th scale in an all-new tooled kit.
The designers at Meng have tried to capture the angular shape of this aircraft in these CAD designs, We look at them to show you the features of this kit...
The cockpit can be posed opened or closed, with the detonator chord for the canopy moulded also.
Details of the ejection seat are precisely replicated inside the cockpit. The sawtooth stealth coating on the surface of the aircraft is also represented. The blue shaded parts below indicate the model maker's wish to replicate precisely the intake channel.
The trailing edge controls can be posed extended or retracted.
Like the real thing the full motion of the canards are able to be replicated.
Tails can also be posed.
The tyres are made from vinyl. The refuelling probe can be posed extended, while the pilot's ladder is included. The short range PL-10 and longer range PL-15 missiles are included for the inside bays.
The engine nozzle & internal parts of the WS-15 engines are represented.
The internal details of the weapons bay, side-bays are represented so they can be posed open or closed.
The saw toothed landing gear doors and bay are represented in detail.
Decals are included of course, and the kit is said to have around 260 parts.

You can see more of Meng's kits on their website.