Tuesday, August 22

MiniArt Models 48th scale P-47D-25-RE Thunderbolt in sprues, colours & decals...

From looking at the CAD designs of the sprues, colours & decals of MiniArt's new 1/48th scale P-47D-25-RE, we see more in this series on the way. We tell you why & highlight the features of the kit & the markings in our preview....

MiniArt Models 48th scale P-47D-25-RE Thunderbolt in sprues, colours & decals...

P-47D-25 RE Thunderbolt
From MiniArt Models
Kit No: 48009
1/48th scale
The kit contains two marking choices in the box.
Clear parts, full engine & weighted wheels are included
We first saw the nucleus of this new series of 1/48th scale Thunderbolts in their catalogue for 2023,and after much prodding from fans and much more research, it seems that the new P-47D from MiniArt is on the way, and very soon!
The first in the series is is called the "Basic Kit" version of the Republic P-47D-25 RE Thunderbolt that we previewed in CAD showing the features of the completed kit

We have looked at the CAD drawings of the parts, and we think there are many more to come in this series, we show you why in our quick look.

The parts of the kit:
We have new CAD renders of the kit's parts, showing several of the features of the model at this stage.

The two fuselage halves are split down the middle, and you can see here in the wing roots the wings will use some anchoring to meld them snugly into the wheel wells.
The wings underside an tops dominate this sheet, with a noticeable wing tip clip that allows for perhaps an "N" model down the track. The D25-RE did not have the speed brakes, and that is shown with the omission of that section so this can be added in the kit. Same thing with the cut-out for the bubbletop front windscreen hinting at an alternate "Razorback" kit. We hope that the connections to the tip of the wings are off the leading edge to avoid any loss of material from a hasty cut or break. The aircraft can be depicted in flight with the wheels down but not touching the ground or sitting on the deck. The extended oleos and the flat or circumferential tyres are proof of this. Smart thinking from MiniArt, as the Jug looks great with gear down in flight also.
Sprue B and the option of posable flying surfaces is shown, with open and closed cowl flaps option here. Detailed cockpit sidewalls and rudder pedals, and we notice the moulded on harnesses on the seat in this basic version of the kit.
It seems that there are weighted wheels supplied in this kit, in both the solid disk (often on earlier & razorbacks) and the six and eight spoked wheels (normally for the "N" version) with diamond and regular cross patterned tread. The ordinance lugs are here, and we notice the insets of the wheels are simple to install into the wheels.
Diamond and ribbed tread on the main wheels here, along with the flattened rear wheel. The gun barrels are a simple, one-piece affair which allows for an easy location on the kit. 
A big tick here for the ribbed floor of the P-47D25-RE when this type was first introduced. The researchers have done their work. The port sidewall is detailed as is the instrument panel and rear cockpit wall with wiring pre-installed. This looks a lot more detailed than the 3nd scale kits of the same type.
To be displayed in the open cowl of the Jug here with the Pratt & Whitney R-2800 Double Wasp engine exposed. Often kits that are called "basic don't even supply an engine...
The underside panels for the P-47D25-RE is here with the light under the wings.
The large, 13' 1+7⁄8" Hamilton Standard propeller of the "RE" variant.
Ordnance on this sprue, with the P-47D-25RE's 2,500lb bomb load with many options, and this sprue is supplied in 50, 100, 250 & 500LB bombs, 
The 200Gal. flat and 150 Gal P-38 style external fuel tanks, the smaller, 108 Gal, & "Paper" 200 gallon drop tanks, a smoke generation unit and tank, plus the  M10 "bazooka" rockets are another option.
A coloured drawing showing the ordinance options in the kit
The opened bubbletop canopy, the gunsight and the wingtip navigation lights are included here.

Markings & Decals:
There are two marking choices in the box - both famous pilots with well-known aircraft - 
P-47D-25-RE Thunderbolt of Col Dave Schilling 62nd Fighter Squadron, 56th fighter Group in August 1944.The first on of the two markings included is the famous "Hairless Joe" P-47 (42-26641) flown by  fighter ace Dave Schilling as we see on the box cover.
Some photos of Schilling & his machine during the war...

P-47D-25RE Thunderbolt - Richard “Dick” Hewitt of the 82nd Fighter Squadron, 78th Fighter Group, 8th Air Force. Duxford, Summer, 1944. The scheme of RAF Dark Green topsides and Sky undersides with the black and white chequered nose on display here...
The real thing & it's pilot Richard “Dick” Hewitt (it wasn't his regular aircraft apparently)
The two decal sheets that come with the kit are dedicated to an individual sheet with cockpit decals (both types, with single decals and the full panel.) National markings, kill markings & individual markings for both kites. The second sheet is full of all the stencils you need for the kit.
This kit should be available soon (not sure when) from MiniArt's distributors worldwide. You can see more about this kit on the MiniArt Website...