Monday, August 21

New boxart to add to the CAD features of Takom's new 35th scale G13 "Hetzer"

We have boxart to add to the new CAD images of Takom's new Czech-made 1/35th scale G-13 "Hetzer" used by the Swiss after WWII. We see a little of the differences, and anything else that can be gleaned in our preview...

New boxart to add to the CAD features of Takom's new 35th scale G13 "Hetzer"

G-13 "Hetzer"
From Takom
Kit No 2177
1/35th scale
Photo etch included
Clear parts included
Three marking choices included
Link & length tracks included
The Subject: The G13
The G13 was a Post-war version of the Jagdpanzer 38, built by Skoda for Switzerland by the  new Czechoslovakian Government. In 1946 there was an order placed for 158 Hetzer tank destroyers. They would be come known as the G-13 Hetzer. Vehicles were manufactured on the wartime production line and in many cases left over wartime spares were used (so Swiss G-13 vehicle parts sometimes carry Third Reich parts stampings). Indeed anecdotal evidence suggests some hulls were recovered from the battlefield, remanufactured and sold on to the Swiss (who used them until 1970). 
Outwardly there is very little difference between the G-13 Hetzer and WW2 Hetzer. A muzzle brake was fitted to the G13 Swiss vehicles to help reduce recoil and increase the working life of the gun barrel. Even if the muzzle brake has been removed from a G-13 Hetzer to make it look more like a WW2 German Hetzer the screw thread is normally still visible as in the case of the G-13 Swiss Hetzer in Bayeux. Some Museums are sneaky and replace the gun barrel of the G13 Hetzer with a barrel that does not have a screw thread to make it look like a genuine example of a wartime Hetzer.
On the G-13 Hetzer, the Commander and loader changed positions. A telephone for communication with following infantry was fitted to the rear of the tank destroyer. The petrol engine was replaced with a diesel engine. The main gun was the 75mm StuK-40 L/48 of the German Sturmgeschütz and not the original used 75mm Pak-39.
When they finished operational service with the Swiss Army they were offered for sale. Military collectors and Museums often purchased them and passed them off as WW2 German Hetzer Jagdpanzers.

The new G13 kit from Takom:
We have already seen the  three full interior kits of the Hetzer in 1/35th scale from Takom. This will be a much simpler machine, with no interior and the extra parts to make the Czech made -Swiss vehicles. From the boxart we find that clear parts are included as well as the options for three marking choices in the box. There is also a metal barrel for the main gun included - nice!

Here are the CAD drawings showing you a little of the additions (in green) to the earlier Hetzers in this series...
That is all we have on this kit for now - keep tuned for more info on the kits themselves. You can see more about Takom's kits on their website or on their Facebook page