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Preview: MiniArt's 1/35th scale U.S. Army G-527 250 Gal Water Trailer “Water Buffalo” coming soon:

MiniArt's new U.S. Army G-527 250 Gal Water Trailer “Water Buffalo”  - something to suit their latest panel van & trucks in 1/35th scale. We look at the kit, the trailers & the kit features in our preview...

Preview: MiniArt's 1/35th scale U.S. Army G-527 250 Gal Water Trailer “Water Buffalo” coming soon:

G-527 250 Gal Water Trailer “Water Buffalo”
From MiniArt Models
1/35th scale
Kit No #35458
Decals for five options in the box
Photo-etch included
Product Link on the MiniArt Website
The Subject: G-527 250 Gal Water Trailer “Water Buffalo”
The G-527 water trailer, also known as the “Water buffalo” is a two wheel cargo trailer with a 1-ton payload. The G-527 could carry 250 Gallons of any liquid chosen by the user. 
It was pulled by a variety of vehicles such as the Dodge series WC, and other vehicles rated ​3⁄4-ton and upwards, some well-known vehicles such as ​1 1⁄2-ton 4x4 trucks, and ​2 1⁄2-ton 6x6 trucks, such as the Chevrolet G506 and the much-used GMC CCKW trucks.
Being used in the Pacific on Hawaii during WWII. This is one of the schemes available in this kit.
Several companies built the trailers for the Army, but the most noted is the Ben-Hur-Mfg, Co, hence the name of the cargo trailer being called the “Ben Hur”. 

G527 Water Trailer being used during the Arab-Israeli war
The first edition of the tank was made in 1940/41, and was constructed from aluminum. From 1941 onwards the tank was manufactured from 14 gauge steel. The pump on the front is for loading the water through a 25-foot hose with a bell strainer at the bottom of the hose.
A restored version in modern times behind a dodge truck.

The kit from MiniArt:
This new kit from MiniArt is called "G-527 250 Gal Water Trailer “Water Buffalo”" and it features a 1/35th scale kit, all new tooled of the famous water carrier. The trailer and tank is accompanied by the thick hose and hand cranked water pump that get the juices flowing! 

CAD drawings showing the look of the kit...
The sprues / parts that come to complete the kit.
Photo-etched parts are offered for correct scale thickness and a scope for damage or removal if so desired. The decal sheet for this kit's five markings
The five choices of colour schemes offered in this kit.
This kit should be available next month from MiniArt's distributors worldwide. You can see more about this kit on the MiniArt Website...

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