Thursday, August 24

Preview Update: More details on Border Model's 35th scale Akagi & B5N2 Kate

We have more details on the new combination kit of Border Models new 1/35th scale Akagi Bridge w/ flight Deck & Nakajima & B5N2 Kate set. We look at the colours, features, figures & even some lighting added to the kit in our preview...

Preview Update: More details on Border Model's 35th scale Akagi & B5N2 Kate

Akagi Bridge W/flight Deck & Nakajima & B5N2 Kate
From Border Models
1/35th scale
The kit includes both the B5N2 bomber & Akagi Deck & Tower
Plastic & Photo-etched kit.
Price: TBA
Expected: TBA
Recently we previewed the newly designed and conceived Borer Models Nakajima B5N2 Torpedo Bomber in 1/35th scale. & the initial test build of the 1/35th scale Akagi deck. It seems that this kit is still on the way. We have more details today of several of the aspects of what looks like quite a premium kit once it is finalized.
We have already looked at the model, what about some background on the real Akagi...

The Subject: The Imperial Japanese Navy Aircraft Carrier Akagi
Akagi was an aircraft carrier built for the Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN), named after Mount Akagi in present-day Gunma Prefecture. Though she was laid down as an Amagi-class battlecruiser, Akagi was converted to an aircraft carrier while still under construction to comply with the terms of the Washington Naval Treaty. The ship was rebuilt from 1935 to 1938 with her original three flight decks consolidated into a single enlarged flight deck and an island superstructure.

Akagi leaving Celebes Island for the attack on Colombo, 26 March 1942. Rolled futon mattresses have been lashed to the island to provide extra protection from enemy attack.
Akagi’s aircraft served in the Second Sino-Japanese War in the late 1930s. Upon the formation of the First Air Fleet in early 1941, she became its flagship, and remained so for the duration of her service. With other fleet carriers, she took part in the Attack on Pearl Harbor in December 1941 and the invasion of Rabaul in the Southwest Pacific in January 1942. The following month, her aircraft bombed Darwin, Australia, and assisted in the conquest of the Dutch East Indies. In March and April 1942, Akagi’s aircraft helped sink a British heavy cruiser and an Australian destroyer in the Indian Ocean Raid.

An Imperial Japanese Navy Mitsubishi A6M2 "Zero" fighter on the aircraft carrier Akagi during the Pearl Harbor attack mission. Rolled futon mattresses have been lashed to the island to provide extra protection from enemy attack.
After a brief refit, Akagi and three other fleet carriers of the Kido Butai participated in the Battle of Midway in June 1942. After bombarding American forces on the atoll, Akagi and the other carriers were attacked by aircraft from Midway and the carriers Enterprise, Hornet, and Yorktown. Dive bombers from Enterprise severely damaged Akagi. When it became obvious she could not be saved, she was scuttled by Japanese destroyers to prevent her from falling into enemy hands

Aircraft carrier island before the futons were placed on the island - and in 1941 when they were placed around it to provide some protection...

The Kit:
In test phase still, but this time with finalized box art & the test kit of the Akagi tower and deck being built.

The box art: Nothing much to learn from this, apart from the confirmation of the two kits in the Akagi & the Kate both in 1/35th sale in the one (big) box.
The CADs from the Kate show us pretty much what we already knew about this kit from our previous loot at the test kit.
An interesting feature of this kit is the lighting set that you can install into the kit to illuminate the carrier deck. We note that the radio, optical and self defence MGs are all in place on the upper observatory deck. The internal bridge has only the bare essentials by the look of it. Railings, ladders and walkways are all part of the depth of this kit. A super detailers will love this kit especially.
The kit has an extensive decal and stencil set. Below you see the plan of where it all goes - much needed in a kit like this!
The national flag & signal flags of the navy are also included. One would think that Border will include a guide as to which flag means what! That is not for certain though!
The deck markings in decal form, one would think that painting masks would be better suited for this. Gauge decals are also here on this large decal sheet.
There are also at least five figures in the crew for this set. 3-D sculpted, one would think by the kit designer
Helpful to those early adopters who want to get their paints ready, the colour chart and profile is supplied by AMMO.
We note, that the futons around the tower are not included in the kit. The island did not always have them of course, so your choice, to include ones you make yourself, or omit them and go for the earlier version...

Check out the Border Models website for more information...