Tuesday, August 29

Preview: WW2 photobook series Vol. 25 – Panzerwaffe on the battlefield #4 from PeKo Publishing.

The latest of the "On the battlefield" series from PeKo Publishing features another look at the men & vehicles of the Panzerwaffe in WWII. We have images, contents & what to expect inside in our preview...

Preview: WW2 photobook series Vol. 25 – Panzerwaffe on the battlefield 4 from PeKo Publishing.

Panzerwaffe on the battlefield #4
World War Two Photobook Series Vol.25
From PeKo Publishing
Author: Jon Feenstra
Dual Hungarian-English languages
Binding: Hardcover
Page number: 112
Size: 210×295 mm
Expected: October 2023
ISBN: 9786156602220
Price: €28.95 €23.16 (A cheaper pre-order price)
Panzerwaffe on the battlefield 4 
Jon Feenstra's new book published by PeKo is "WW2 photobook series Vol. 25 - Panzerwaffe on the Battlefield 4". It promises more of what you like about this series so far, with his personal insight thrown in for some good measure.

In Panzerwaffe on the Battlefield 4, Jon Feenstra looks at various German armoured fighting vehicles. The contents of captions focused on the modifications of these panzers, self-propelled guns etc. This volume covers the entire war period; from 1939 to 1945 and all theaters. It is hardcover, and comes in a landscape format, with a brief introduction of what is to come, then followed by more than a hundred mainly unpublished photographs, published in the highest possible quality. Both the introduction and the captions are bilingual (English / Hungarian).

Some more of the book's pages for you...
The book's price is €23.16 (available for a short time at cheaper pre-order price)
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