Monday, September 25

A Buffalo & Tochka from Hobbyboss in November

Hobbyboss has two new kits with parts of them angled up to the sky when they are hard at work. The 35th scale BPz3A1 “Buffalo” & Tochka in 72nd scale. We look at the sprues, colours, & decals in our preview...

A Buffalo & Tochka from Hobbyboss in November

Russian 9K79 Tochka (SS-21 Scarab) IRBM
by Hobby Boss
Model: 82935
1/72nd scale
Price:$63 USD on the HLJ Website
The Tochka short-range ballistic missile system (NATO Designation SS-21 Scarab) was developed to replace the Luna-M (FROG-7B) battlefield rockets. Its development began in 1968. 

The colour schemes presented in this kit
The decals in the box
Production commenced in 1973 however officially this missile system entered service with the Soviet Army only in 1976. It was exported to a number of Warsaw Pact countries and other Soviet allies.

-The parts & sprues of the kit
Model Length: 183.6mm / Width: 43.4mm 
Total of 3 sprues, upper hull, lower hull and tires
The kit consists of over 60 parts 
-Newly tooled parts in accurate detail
-Masks are provided for clear parts of the kit
-Rubber tires

Bergepanzer BPz3A1 “Buffalo” ARV
by Hobby Boss
Model: 84566
1/35th scale
Price $160 USD on the HLJ Website
The Bergepanzer 3A1 is an upgraded version of the Bergepanzer 3 Buffel. It was developed by Rheinmetall specially for service in Afghanistan. This vehicle appeared in 2011. Only four of the Bundeswehr Buffels were upgraded to this standard. In 2012 three of these vehicles were deployed in Afghanistan and the forth was used in Germany for training. Previously Rheinmetall upgraded Canadian Army BPz 3 armored recovery vehicles in a similar manner to operate alongside Leopard 2A6M tanks. These machines were fielded in 2007 and proved themselves well in Afghanistan.

The colour schemes presented in this kit
The decals in the box
The BPz 3A1 is fitted with a powerful recovery system, similar to that of the BPz 3. It is fitted with a crane, winch and front-mounted dozer. This upgraded recovery vehicle is fitted with a rear view camera. It can hook-up disabled tank without the need for the crew to leave the vehicle. It tows damaged, faulty or uncontrolled vehicles, or similar type tanks using rigid or non-rigid hitches. The BPz 3A1 has a towing capacity of 62 000 kg. Vehicles are towed to the nearest shelters, assembly points of repair depots. This armored recovery vehicle has a welding outfit for welding and cutting works in the field. These are carried by one of the crew member. The BPz 3A1 also has a set of tools for field repairs.

-The parts & sprues of the kit
Model Length: 262.8mm / Width: 100.9mm  
Total of 16 sprues , upper hull , lower hull and rubber tracks
The kit consists of over 730 parts
-Multi-slide moulded lower hull and upper hull
-Rubber  tracks
-Photo etched parts & copper cable included
The kit test shot built & painted by Hobbyboss model staff...
These new kits are (or should soon be) available soon from Hobbyboss' Distributors Worldwide...