Saturday, September 16

Geckos two new 35th scale MW Radio & water carrier Befords on the way

To go along with their other Bedfords in 1/35th scale Gecko Models have two new versions in the WMR (Radio) & MWC water tank trucks coming soon. We have CADs & box art in our preview...
Geckos two new 35th scale MW Radio & water carrier Befords on the way

The Subject: The Bedford MW series of trucks
The Bedford MW was a 15 cwt (760 kg) 4x2 truck, powered by a Bedford 72 bhp (54 kW) six-cylinder inline 210 cu in (3.5 L) petrol engine through a four speed transmission. It was a general service truck used by the British Armed Forces during the Second World War. In 1935, the War Office issued specifications for a new 15 cwt 4x2 military truck for service with the British Army, inviting manufacturers to submit designs to take part in annual comparative trials in north Wales, one entrant was a modification of a Bedford Vehicles 2-ton rear wheel drive lorry. Following these trials Bedford fitted a larger radiator and larger tyres, the trials were repeated in 1936 after which Bedford modified the chassis to increase ground clearance and installed a new engine cooling system. For the 1937 trials a new special Bedford WD-1 prototype was produced with a 15 cwt payload, it performed admirably and in 1938 the eventual 72 bhp (54 kW) engine was installed.

Bedford MWC water tank truck
The MW's powerful engine, short wheel base, low centre of gravity and relatively light weight gave it excellent acceleration and almost sports car like handling. Although a lack of four wheel drive made it less suited for off-road use. Early MWs were open cabbed with a folding windscreen and a collapsible canvas tilt, from 1943 an enclosed cab with doors and Perspex side screens was added, retaining the canvas top. The vehicle had a distinctive wide bonnet, necessitated by the need to accommodate a special extra large air filter that was never fitted to production vehicles.

Bedford MWR radio truck's rear compartment showing radios, benches
The MW was intended mainly to be a workhorse for the British Army's infantry battalions, but throughout the war it was adapted to a number of roles and was eventually also used by the Royal Air Force, Royal Navy, other government departments and some overseas customers. Between 1939 and 1945 Bedford produced over 66,000 MWs, the vehicles remained in British service until the late 1950s.

The Kits:
To add to their recent popular Ambulance and water truck sin 35th scale, Gecko Models have these two Bedford MW series trucks. A radio truck with every bar the kitchen sink inside (plus a kettle on the boxart) and a water truck with open cab and the tarpaulin above to keep the water cylinder cool.

"Bedford MWC 15-cwt 4x2 200 Gallon Water Bowser Truck (Open Cab Aeroscreen)"
From Gecko  Models
Kit No #35GM0031
1/35th scale.
The kit is plastic plus photo-etch
The box art for this kit doesn't tell us much  more about what's NOT in the kit than what is. No figures, no small PAK gun. But it does tell us at least there are decals! There is photo-etch with this kit, which is pretty standard with Gecko Model kits, it may serve as a barrier to some. They do not spare it!
There are two options for this kit that will change the look in a major way, the canvas covert hat comes with the kit can be put on top of the frame for the rear tray - or not, it is your choice.

"Bedford MWR FFW Radio Command Truck"
From Gecko  Models
Kit No #35GM0061
1/35th scale.
Gecko Models
The kit is plastic plus photo-etch
The second Bedford is the MWR - with a stack of radios in the rear, antennas, seats and other gear that make up a communications vehicle.
You can have the vehicle with - or without the canvas top over the rear tray. One would think that most of the operators wouldn't be using this in blistering heat, but who knows! 
From the side, you can see the two portholes for the radiomen to see outside. The canvas is a great addition to this kit.
These kits have not been advertised by distributors yet - which is usually the first people know of them, so no pricing or other information yet. We will let you know when we know more.

You can find out more about Gecko Models kits on their website