Saturday, September 9

Great Wall Hobby update their small scale SMT Fulcrum....

Great wall Hobby are in a mood to share this weekend. With yesterday's announcement of their A-10C in 48th comes an update to the info we already have on their MiG-29 Fulcrum SMT 9-19, this one in 1/72nd scale. We have boxart, sprue layout & decals in our preview...

Great Wall Hobby update their small scale SMT Fulcrum....

MIG-29 SMT 9-19 “Fulcrum”
From Great Wall Hobby
1/72nd scale
Kit No #L7214 
The kit is made from plastic & photo-etch
NINE (!) marking options included in the box
Available in the last week of October 2023.
Great Wall Hobby have added to their 1/72nd scale MiG 29 Fulcrum range with this, the Fourth kit in the line, the MIG-29 “Fulcrum” SMT 9-19 kit. We have already had the "Early type", the 9-12 "Late Type" and the Fulcrum C 9-13 kits. Now time for the hunchback!
We know that the kit has been in development for a while. With the added parts and decals being the main change to this kit. Technical details were provided by the very talented designer Yufei Mao, who has successfully designed a few of GWH's other modern Russian fighters.

Below we see a sprue breakdown of the parts of this kit. A fair bit of detail looks on show, but not too many sprues and parts. A good combination, with seventeen sprues in all and no photo-etch by the look of it!
We can see the individual markings for nine different aircraft in this boxing - (nine!). With stencil, date, low viz panels and cockpit instrument panel decals are present. There are also decals for the stencils on the R-77,R-73,  missiles, the AKU-170 & P-72 pylons , the PTB-1150 and fuel tanks also. 
We know that at least one of these aircraft is the boxart version - "Red 8" stationed near the Kursk region in 2009.

 This kit is due for a release we would think in the last week of October. More on this kit from Great Wall Hobby on its release