Thursday, September 14

Preview: new "Wings of the Black Cross #14" from Eagle Editions...

A new issue of Wings of the Black Cross from Eagle Editions are always welcomed by the modelling community. Rare & never-before seen photos with captions compiled by Mark Proulx & illustrations by James Bentley fill issue fourteen. See what's inside in our preview...

Preview: new "Wings of the Black Cross #14" from Eagle Editions...

Wings of the Black Cross #14
Researched and written by Mark Proulx
Eight full color profiles by James Bentley.
36 pages
Dimensions: 8.5 X 11 inches
A soft, laminated cover w/ glossy paper
Price: $19.95
The latest installment in the Wings of the Black Cross series ~ Number Fourteen ~ is once again authored by Mark Proulx as he continues his long-standing relationship with Eagle Editions. Illustrated by James Bentley by adding colorful profiles based on the photos contained in the 36 page book. The successful format, 8 1/2″ X 11″ with color laminated cover, created by Jerry Crandall many years ago, is still maintained. While he primary focus of the series remains the study of the fighter aircraft of the Jagdwaffe, that is not a limiting factor.

In Number Fourteen, there is a brief illustrated exposé of the Bf 109 Es of 7./JG 26 during their highly successful campaign in the spring of 1941. At the time, this isolated Staffel was based in Sicily under the command of Staffelkapitän Oblt. Joachim Müncheberg.
Additionally, there is a closer examination of the Fw 190s of SG 2 that surrendered at Kitzingen, Germany in May of 1945. The Stukas of III./St.G 1 are also highlighted during their relationship with the Ju 87 D in Russia. This expands upon the narrative originally generated for this Gruppe in Number Thirteen of the series.

To supplement the aircraft identified above, additional photo coverage is included for:
Bf 1 10
Ju 88
He 111
Go 242
Hs 129
Do 217
Dewoitine 520
The book consists of 62 photos sourced from the author’s private collection. The photos are the culmination of many years of collecting, to be shared with you, the reader/historian. Most are original, unpublished, and seen here for the first time. A few select contributors also generously supplied photos from their private collections. Each photo is supported with detailed captions throughout.
James Bentley maintains his association with Eagle Editions and the author. He once again provides exquisite and accurate color profiles. As usual, eight profiles are included based on the appropriate photos in the book supported by additional references. This results in some very accurate, well researched color profiles.

The study of German Second World War aircraft still fascinates people to this day. The Wings of the Black Cross series provides a brief look at that important time in history and adds to our ongoing understanding.
This book is now available for USD$19 .95 - You can get it directly from the Eagle Editions Website...