Monday, October 2

Preview: 35th scale Calvados Sellers from MiniArt Models

Many bottles, boxes, a cart, two sellers & a bunch of brandy are the subjects of MiniArt's latest kit. Calvados sellers in 35th scale. See the contents in our preview...

MiniArt's new calvados sellers in 35th scale...

Calvados Sellers
From MiniArt Models
Kit No: 38071
1/35th scale
The kit contains two figures, a cart with boxes of bottes in the box.
MiniArt is making lots of new 1/35th scale figures, accessories & vehicles to match your dioramas that aren't specifically military subjects, or those that can be added to your military scenes or a mixed scenario.
This latest set combines the two fellows selling calvados. For those unfamiliar with this brandy from Normandy in France, made from apples and/or pears. This would be great especially for a northern France diorama or scene.
We have a few photos of these sellers that inspired these figures and their sculpture...
The Calvados, the cart, some wooden crates and the bottles the drink come sin is on offer. We will look at them in turn now.

The two figures are the first sprues off the rank
The two sprues make up the cat that the calvados is moved and sold on.
Four sprues of wooden crates are provided for the bottle to be placed in on the dart.
We also have two sprues of coloured bottles in the kit for the sellers to peddle.
The instructions giving you a clearer picture of the kit.
This kit should be available next month from MiniArt's distributors worldwide. You can see more about this kit on the MiniArt Website...

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