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Preview: MiniArt's 48th scale D-30RE Jug in CAD & Art...

MiniArt's new 1/48th scale P-47D-30RE is with us in boxart & CAD form. We look at the renders of their first release, the boxart & one of the marking choices in real life in our preview...

Preview: MiniArt's 48th scale D-30RE Jug in CAD & Art...

P-47D-30 RE Thunderbolt
From MiniArt Models
Kit No: 48023
1/48th scale
The kit contains two marking choices in the box.
 Full engine & weighted wheels,  clear parts are included
We first saw the nucleus of this new series of 1/48th scale Thunderbolts in their catalogue for 2023,and after much prodding from fans and much more research, it seems that the second type of P-47D from MiniArt is on the way in the shape of the P-47D-30RE version in 48th scale.
The subject: The P-47D-30RE Thunderbolt
The D-30RE Thunderbolt differed from the previous bubbletops from the Farmingdale plant most notably by the addition of under wing dive brakes near the wheel wells, and many minor changes. There were eight hundred D-30RE's built, with orders for one hundred and thirty more that were converted to orders for the P-47M-1-RE.
The other main difference externally was the fitting of a filleted tail to improve stability that was lost after the razorback thunderbolt's lost their  fin like fuselage and were replaced with the bubbletop canopy. Some earlier bubbletop marques were also retrofitted with this tail fillet. You can see the difference in this line drawing below.
Weapons of the P-47D-30 consists of eight 0.50” Colt Browning M2 guns with 425 rounds per gun. Thunderbolt can carry up to 1135 kg of bombs and do Air-to-Ground tasks. The aircraft also has the ability to carry up to 10 unguided HVAR missiles.
The power plant of the P-47 is a Pratt & Whitney R-2800-59W, air-cooled, radial, twin row, 2000 hp engine with water injection. R-2800 definition means “Radial engine with total capacity of 2800 cubic inches”, which is equal to 45,9 liters. Its length - 72,75", 52,5" in diameter, with weight of 1068 kg. The engine is equipped with a single speed mechanical compressor. P-47D-30RE modification is equipped with a “Curtiss Electrics” 4-bladed propeller.

The Kit: MiniArt's 48th scale P-47D-30 RE
The second of the "Basic Kit" versions of the Republic P-47D Thunderbolt. This is probably one of the more popular and well-kitted variants. 
The feature set of the kit: The CAD drawings show us the feature set of this version of the Thunderbolt.
The tail fillet is obvious from this shot. The large drop tanks under the wing let us know that MiniArt has supplied their excellent range of tanks and bombs with this version.
A closer view of the tail fillet on the D-30.
From underneath you can see the dive brakes near the gear legs under the wings. You can see one of them (the other is obscured by the wheel) under the port under-wing.
A better view of the brakes under-wing, and the tanks and bombs supplied in this kit. Underside of the belly and inner wing area show the same attention given to the riveting  detail.
It seems that there are weighted wheels supplied in this kit, in both the solid disk and the six and eight spoked wheels with diamond and regular cross patterned tread. The aircraft can be depicted in flight with the wheels down but not touching the ground or sitting on the deck. The extended oleos and the flat or circumferential tyres are proof of this. Ordinance - the P-47D-25RE could carry a 2,500lb bomb load, and this one is supplied in 250 & 500LB bombs, the 200 Gal flat and 150 Gal P-38 style external fuel tanks is a bonus.

A good view of the gear-down Thunderbolt. They look great to display "on approach", especially with he canopy open...
Open or closed canopies are of course included as are the option for the open or closed cowl flaps.

Inside the kit there will be two marking choices. One  of the marking choices is unknown, while the other is the P-47D-30 Thunderbolt "Torrid Tessie" / "Philadelphia Filly" (S/N: 44-20978 / 603) from the 346th Fighter Squadron, 350th Fighter Group, 12th Air Force.
There are actually two pilots that flew this aircraft. The first being CO Major Gilbert and the second being 1st Lt. Homer St.Onge. A majority of all the 346th Jugs sported the large cowling/engine ID numbers, the signature rudder checkerboard and a name, in large red letters on the fuselage. This aircraft was unique since it sported it's nicknames on both sides of the fuselage, placed there by both pilots.
Not much is information can be found on either pilot, just a story that the Major faced off against some Italian Bf-109s over Italy. On one routine patrol, Gilbert and his wing found the Italian's with their pants down on landing approach on an airbase in Villafranca. The enemy aircraft were of 2i Gruppo Caccia, one which belonged to Italian pilot M.Ilo Giuseppe Moratti, which Gilbert hit on his pass down the strip. The 109 burst into flames and crashed landed, but Moratti survived.

The other side of this kite, showing the Philadelphia Filly lettering...
The second pilot, St. Onge was stated in records state that during a strafing mission in the Po Valley in 1945, he encountered heavy ground fire and was hit on attack and was lost. St. Onge was able to bail out, and was able to evade the enemy patrols with help of the partisans of the area.

We will have more on this kit including other markings & more features as they come to us.

This kit should be available soon (not sure when) from MiniArt's distributors worldwide. You can see more about this kit on the MiniArt Website...