Friday, November 24

Preview: MiniArt's families of musician refugees in 35th scale

MiniArt add to their recent street musicians set with this, a couple, refugees, taking their meagre possessions - their instruments, with them to safety. An altogether less jolly scene. We look at these three new figures & instruments in our preview...

Preview: MiniArt's new 35th scale "Refugees. Musician Family"

Refugees. Musician Family
From MiniArt Models
1/35th scale
Kit No #38084
Three figures & three sprues of weapons & equipment included...
MiniArt has two new figures in 1/35th scale. these two are seen on their way (hopefully) to a better place with their most expensive possessions. their beloved instruments. This kit could be used as a sad ending to the story, poor even a sad start  before they escape and play again in safety. It is your choice (but a very good idea for a diorama). What's inside?

The kit:
In the kit, there are three figures, each on their own sprue are the basis of this kit. The faces and the clothing wrinkles are looking like they are improving all the time on MiniArt's kits...

Two small sprues of the figures - one man and a woman, is included...
 A pram is included in this set, the one that the woman is pushing, packed full of instruments and their treasured pictures from the wall..
The woman's handbag and suitcase are included on a small sprue.
That same instruments sprue that MiniArt does so well is included, with a large choices of instruments and cases for them. A small drum, guitar, violin, mandolin, piano accordion, trumpet, banjo along with several cases for the instruments to go inside.
There are three different shaped picture frames that the refugees are taking with them - these only need to be filled with pictures - your choice of art...
… unless you wanted to use one of the six that MiniArt has printed out for you in 35th scale that is! They are thinking of everything here.

You can see more about this kit on the MiniArt Website...

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